Monday, March 16, 2009

10 things we loved about San Fran and beyond..part 1

Figured the best way to get in our trip out to California would be a Top Ten List, but then I didn't want to deal with ranking things. So, here is a list of 10 things we loved about our trip out to California.

1. Driving along the Pacific Coast. As soon as we turned onto Highway 1 we were blown away by what we saw. It was amazing. Rocky, majestic, luscious, endless, and wow. We both literally GASPed as we saw it, then immediately pulled off the road and ran down to the beach.

us on the coast

2. Biking the Bridge. We rented bikes and road across the Golden Gate Bridge. Upon first seeing the bridge we both thought it wasn't as grand as we thought. But, as we road across it we realized how grand it really is and it offers great views of the city. On any given day people are walking, biking or running over the bridge. Then we jumped on a ferry for the ride back.

look how massive this thing is

taking a break after the grueling bike ride.

3. Guernville and the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. We found a quaint little place to stay in a quaint little town. We noticed early on that this was a special town...similar to a mountain town in NC, but with a quirkiness. There was an event at the place we stayed put on by The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence...still not clear on what it is, but here is the gist. It's a group of drag queen nuns (not real nuns, but they model after the sisterhood) that put on events to raise money and awareness for various community issues. We felt like we got to experience something super unique by hanging out with these "sisters." It's really hard to even explain. The costumes and make-up were jaw-dropping too.

little town of 1040 peeps

me and Sister Sparkle..she (he) was so beautiful.

this sister was doing some song & dance, literally. sang a little to adam too.

4. Food & Drink. San Fran is a lot like New Orleans...good food no matter where you go! and since it's like a foreign country there are all sorts of Ethnic places to eat...we had american (in-n-out), Burmese (Burma Superstar...AAAmazing), Irish (Buena Vista Irish Coffee), Japanese (Sushi Rock), Mexican (la taqueria), home-made corned beef hash, and lots of yumminess.

adam's corned beef hash. whoa

the irish coffee. adam loved these...i could only do about half of one.

5. City Living. we had the privilege of staying in my friend's brother's apartment in San Fran. it totally made us feel like we were living in the city. i mean-we were. it was crazy to walk out the door and be on the street with things right near by. no need to drive everywhere. in fact, i probably walked a marathon last week. oh, and the hills. it was brutal. the other thing about city living is public transportation. we've ventured on the Charlotte buses some, but really, in SF they pile on until people are about to spill out (like in a foreign country where they ride on the back and top). and there are characters in the city for sure. lots of people talk to themselves...there was this one lady on the bus that was talking and laughing to herself. (ask us, and we'll do an impression, it was so funny). we did the subway and the street car too. the city is full of fun shops, open markets, smoke shops (weird), crazy people, great food, culture and so much. we enjoyed our week in a big city...i could see myself living without a car one day. that'd be amazing.

this picture doesn't do justice...but one of the killer hills

some of the cool houses with their bay windows

one of the open markets/fruit stand

So, i decided to break this into two posts b/c it's just way too long. i wanted to share some stories and pics. Stay tuned for part 2. :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

a preview of more to come

here are just a few pics from the first couple days from our trip out here...out here being California! there are some great stories behind the pictures..can't wait to share more!

Anne Lamotte's church...where i met her!!!

the infamous golden gate bridge...amazing!

an In-n-Out cheese burger...yummy

local flea market in Guernville, CA

Sister Francis of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. (major story here)

one of the giant redwood trees

adam & i at one of the fun wineries!

the AAAAmazing pacific coast...we love it!

we'll hopefully be posting more...we are keeping a journal of our travels so we don't forget the fun and crazy details of our trip.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

San Francisco bound

we are two days from leaving for our first Patwa West Coast Adventure to san francisco! neither of us has ever been to Cali, much less to a cool city like san fran. i cannot wait and anticipate taking lots of pictures, so i'm sure i will have lots to blog about in the next week!! (plus i'm just sick of seeing that picture of that nasty strawberry cake)

so...if you have any suggestions for us, holler at a girl!!!