Monday, August 6, 2012

sweet six

so young...happy wedding day!
last sunday adam and i celebrated six years of being married.  we met at outback steakhouse in 2002 and started dating the fall of 2003.  we dated "off and on" for 2 years before we got engaged in the Pisgah National Forest in December 2005 then got married 29 July 2006 at a perfect outdoor wedding at Independence Park here in Charlotte.
our pretend wedding YL style at SharpTop Cove 2004

i'm not sure either of us had specific expectations for marriage.  we talked, in the beginning, a lot about living abroad.  adam wanted to pursue his Master's, which he did.  i knew married life would be hard, being a child of divorce.  and i wanted my marriage to be different.  we were told the first year would be the hardest.  but ours wasn't, it was the funnest.  it eventually got harder with me doing Young Life and him in school.  the definition of "hard" has surely changed.
our rehearsal
leaving in a fun!
we got to do some fun stuff in our 6 years...a honeymoon in Mexico, a trip to San Fransisco, a drive out west and and assignment at YL's Frontier Ranch, various trips to the NC mountains, beach trips with friends, multiple drives to New Orleans, a fun trip to NYC, a family trip to Disney and so much more.  we've been fortunate to make great memories together.  we have fun together.  we enjoy each other.  we make each other laugh. 
our trip out west...camping out before we hiked a 14ner
biking the Golden Gate Bridge

Charis came sooner than we had "planned." wait, we weren't planning.  :)  she came at the perfect time.  we were just beginning to figure out this whole parent thing when i was diagnosed with cancer.  we often talked about how much having Charis brought joy in the midst of this pain and uncertainty.  she's an amazing little girl.  
happy BIRTHday Charis Root...our joy
love how he looks at her

these past 2 years have forever changed us as individuals and as husband and wife.  my cancer diagnosis came just weeks before we celebrated our 4th anniversary.  it seemed like something that should come later in marriage when we'd be more ready.  well, God made us ready, or rather is making us ready.  it's been a hard hard 2 years.  and we've grown so much.  the level of intimacy that we've experienced is beyond our years in marriage.  and i'm so thankful.  for the deep places God has taken us.  i mean, i knew i liked Adam a lot and thought he was great.  but this trial has only brought out his best.  he loves me so so well.  he reminds me that i'm more than my body.  (thank goodness)  he really does love me.   not just in his words but in actions.  he's patient with me.  he encourages me.  he joins me in my sadness.  i love him more and more.  and for this i want to grow old with this man.  so, i'm praying for a miracle.

our first Race for the Cure 2010

Kiawah Spring Break 2012!!
adam, thank you for choosing me to be your bride.  thank your for knowing me and loving me so well.  i love how we can make each other laugh.  i love how we have inside jokes for just us two.   i love how you get me.  i love how your love has changed with the ways this trial has changed me.  thank you for looking beyond my body and what this disease is doing to me.  thank you for being an amazing dad.  i think we go so well together.  God knew way before we knew what this life would look like for us.  i don't necessarily get it. but i'm thankful He chose you to live this life with me, alongside me, to love me like no other person can.  i'm hoping for many more years as your wife.  that would just be so fun.