Thursday, December 31, 2009

video chatting

we got a video camera for christmas thanks to paw paw & maw maw. we've been shooting lots of video and trying to figure out how to share it. so, here is our first attempt at uploading it and sharing it. some of our sweet little lady talking to us

Merry Times

I love Christmas. I love the meaning, I love getting presents, I love the eating, I love the quiet and the chaos, I love stockings and ornaments, I love time with family, I love the traditions. Going into the holiday this season I was struck by how busy we get. It seems like so many people I talked to were just "so busy." This really bothered me. I'm not sure why we run ourselves ragged or put ridiculous pressure on ourselves during a time of year that I think was intended for something else. I think back to a "silent" night over 2000 years ago. Jesus entered our world as a sweet and needy baby in the presence of his parents and some animals. There wasn't a bunch of rushing around or busy-ness. I was fortunate because I'm still on maternity leave and a 6 week old doesn't require much, so the holiday was chill for us. And I like that.

Charis wishes you a Merry Christmas!
Adam and I are trying to figure out what traditions we'd like to have for our family. I absolutely love traditions, so it's fun trying to come up with things we'd like to incorporate for our family. In reality I don't want myself or my family to lose sight of the season. I mean- there is video proof of a 7-year-old Amy counting presents and greedily going through her pile. We all get caught up. I'd just like to intentionally make the effort to come back. Maybe it was the rain or maybe it was having a new baby, but we got to spend a quiet Christmas day together watching When Harry Met Sally and Scrooged, and holding our sweet baby girl or watching her discover her world. It may be cheesy, but she's been our best present. I am thankful God knows what's best for us. I'm thankful He gave us Jesus.
I wasn't good about taking pictures, but here are a few of our sweet little lady.

Charis in her santa dress

spending Christmas watching Charis play

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Windy Gap

The first time I went to Windy Gap was the summer after my sophomore year of high school. My parents had gotten divorced and my dad was remarried. I had gone to a different high school than what my junior high fed into b/c those years sucked. Fortunately, I was involved in a church youth group with leaders that loved me, so I wasn't completely lost. I knew a little about Young Life, but as a Christian kid I didn't approve of it. But, the Lord has something in store for me. I found myself on a van to Windy Gap with a group of kids from North Myrtle Beach. It turned out to be the best week of my life and the best thing for me. I learned more about what it meant to follow Christ and more about God's love for me. It was amazing.
Since the summer of 1994 I have been back to Windy Gap many a camper, work crew, leader, and staff. This week our Region went for it's Winter Staff Retreat & Christmas party. We got to take Charis for her first (of many) trip to Windy Gap. And it was a great trip. I am proud that we made it through her first road trip...even if it was just 3 hours away for 3 nights. She did awesome. Plus it was great for me to go and just be with my family and not have to be "on" the whole time. (usually part of my job is to help my boss organize and run this)

the family at the GAP
One of the highlights of our trip was capturing Charis rolling over!! Yes, I admit, I am that new mom that thinks everything her baby does is cute and amazing. You've all been there ladies, so don't judge. Adam is really diligent about giving Charis "tummy time." I mean-really diligent. Last night he had her on the floor of our cabin and she is bobbing her head up & down. I decided to take a picture of it because she is just so cute! After I snap the first picture she proceeds to roll over! And I was able to capture it on film (well digital). It was just so cool. I must say that I'm not ready for our little lady to be doing anything major. After being told a million times that "this time flies" I am trying really hard to soak it all up and enjoy her being a baby. In the meantime I will soak up her little milestones too.
Think of it like a flip book

Sunday, December 6, 2009

every kiss begins with Kay

This post has nothing to do with Kay. It's just that the horribly cheesy commercials play all the time, so it's in my head. This post is about the fact that our baby girl is ONE MONTH OLD!! holy moly. That's just crazy. I'm constantly in a stay of disbelief that my life is where it is. This isn't what I planned. So much of my life is not what I plan. God is continuing to show me that He has a plan and to trust in His perfect and pleasing will. Oh how thankful I am that He has given me this amazing little girl at a time like this.
I guess the best way to really capture this past month is through some highlights, revelations, and experiences we've had. So, here goes...

Charis at 1 month!
  • i love the sounds Charis makes...she hums, moans, grunts at all times. nothing is sweeter to me than those noises.
  • i love to watch Adam with her...dancing, singing, rocking, even sometimes when he says something and i ask "what" he says, "i was talking to my daughter."
  • i love the way her head rests on my shoulder in the nook of my neck. love that.
  • i learned the hard way that babies "wake up" after 2 weeks, so the 6 hours of sleep was just a fluke. ohhhhh okay.
  • after being told how fast this time goes, i am making a conscious effort to enjoy all the moments...the sweet ones and especially the hard ones
  • we've loved having so many visitors. i love seeing others loving on our baby girl. some of my girls from Country Day have come to visit and that's been so fun watching them.
  • we celebrated our first Thanksgiving with some friends. i'm not sure she was fazed. But we did make our first turkey (local, organic, & free range i might add).
  • i love to kiss all over her...her cheeks, her neck, her hands, feet, but especially the space on her neck. oh i could squeeze her.
  • i love the way her hands stretch out just like Adam's.
  • i am amazed at how i can wake up from the most wonderfully deep sleep when i hear her making her noises at any hour.
  • she has the sweetest cry.
  • we've watched Adam's Saints win some great games! (like beating New England)
  • we are learning a new normal for us that includes this new person...i mean--for the rest of my life. getting out of the house takes more work, planning and the perfect timing. eating is a feat too...usually we take turns.
  • i've learned that getting up in the middle of the night isn't that hard for me, it's the evening hours after 9pm that i start to fall apart.
  • my love for her grows with each new day. i mean for real. when she smiles (even if it's not the real ones yet) my heart sores. and when her bottom lip pokes out in a frown, i am so sad and find that i would do anything to take away her sadness.

my mom bought this outfit in Germany...a scarf?!
This has been an incredible month. Didn't think I'd be here this time last year. But could not imagine it any other way. I am more in love with my husband too. I am so thankful for the way he helps me, especially in those moments I need him most and don't know how to ask. I love the way he loves Charis and how he says it so much. This is definitely an adventure for us. Everyone tells you it's the best & hardest thing you'll ever do. Well, you can't understand that until you are in it. We are in it and I'm beginning to understand it. I still can't believe I am a mom. wow.