Tuesday, September 30, 2008

washer & dryer

So...sometime in the spring we finally got a washer & dryer for FREE. That ended my dragging all our dirty laundry (literally) to my sister's every Tuesday. And for about 3 or so months we did our laundry freely whenever we wanted or needed...it was pure bliss.

Until the week or so after our return from Colorado when our dryer ran all night blowing only cool air. I didn't want to believe the possibility that it could be broken, so I kept using it. Only for a day..I'm not an idiot.

Luckily my sister lives nearby and the following Tuesday I took our clothes. And something completely and utterly unbelievable happened...my sister's dryer broke. In my care (use). She had to buy a new one. Freak accident, right?

That was a few weeks ago...after our dirty clothes have been piled up I decided to bring it tonight. On my 3rd load something wrapped around the spinner thing in the washer and jammed it. It doesn't spin/move. Not to mention's my sister's parting words to me earlier today were, "don't break anything." Are you serious?! Is this even possible?

Tomorrow a repair person will come to her house and I'm really hoping (and pleading with God) that it can be fixed...not only so I have a place to do our laundry, but so that I don't have to help my sister buy a new washer. UGH!!

moral? we need a new dryer!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

her passion overflows

our models...doing some "action" shots (i.e. walking)

our beautiful models jumping!!

our teacher and her beautiful self. i love her pregnant belly

just a quick nature shot of some mushrooms. i liked it
This past Saturday I got to be a part of "Smitten Photo Academy." My friend, Sharon Clark, has her own photography business and it's simply amazing. (www.smittenphotography.typepad.com) She actually did our wedding stationery which was so cool, but as she was discovering her passions she decided to solely pursue photography. And it's been such a joy to see. (since i check her blog daily)

A couple times a year she runs a 4-hour class on how to use your camera and take pictures. What I loved most was sitting at Sharon's feet as she shared her passion...not just of photography, but of capturing the lives of children, families, events, and so much more. It's also super cool that she is willing to share all her "secrets." I would imagine that she blesses the people on the other side of the camera every time she has a shoot. You should check her stuff out!!!

I have no desire to be in the picture taking business...I just want to know HOW to use my camera and take great pictures. here are few from that day. (clearly i CANNOT figure out how to put my text above my pictures without deleting them)

This is Ridiculous

Is it appropriate to use a blog to vent? i am.

So--our gas light came on in the honda last night. I prefer to get gas at Costco b/c usually it's cheaper. After last week's gas hording & gouging due to hurricane ike, we filled both our cars up. No problem. Well, you'd think so, until it's time to get gas again...like this morning. I drove "all the way" to Costco to find it closed & empty. The station across the street...same thing. On my way towards the Dentist I passed a couple more that were down. UGH!!! ARe you serious that we live in a spoiled & developed country, but have run out of gas!? FINALLY...I see one with cars and pull in...they only had the low-grade, so I was in luck!! Relief. for now.

I was just so annoyed. Partly b/c I feel like I deserve to have everything (resources) available to me when I need/want them, probably b/c I live in a country that's created this in me. And partly b/c it's ridiculous that we ran out of gas (okay, not totally). We actually heard on NPR this morning that if the hurricanes get worse, the crisis will only get worse.

I'd like to be able to ride my bike anywhere or hop on a bus/train and not have to depend on gas. But, for now, I'm a slave to it.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

funny stuff

this is about as political as i'm going to get...enjoy!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

swimming, dancing, & eating

Mady doing her Thriller dance
Lily doing her Thriller dance

Charlie getting ready for the pool...you need your Shark goggles for this!

we got to hang out with my cute nieces and nephews over Labor Day. i love them. here are some snap shots of the crazy kids in my family!

Charlie (6) is one of the most passionate kids you'll ever meet! next is Julian Cole, he's almost 2 and is rotten to the core! when i ask him to say "amy" he says "NO!" well, okay.
next is a sweet one of Mady (10) and Julian sitting by the pool. Then, in the purple life-vest-swimsuit sort of thing is Lily, one of the cutest 3-yr olds ever!! this was one of many pics of her dancing to THRILLER. The one of the boys in the water are Isaiah (11) and is little bro, Julian. they just adore each
we had a fun day at Pap Pap & Nana's.

(ps...it's obvious that i have no idea how to post pictures on this thing!!)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

my 2 cents about T.V

I just wanted to get on a soap box...not that I really know what one is. I digress...

So, this week I watched two Season Premiers. I claim that I watch such shows because I do Young Life..."it's what the girls are watching." And that's true. But, it is extremely disturbing to me what is on television these days. Shows that paint this glamorous picture of high school. High School isn't glamorous and it isn't supposed to be. Is that wrong of me to say?

You've got Gossip Girl that shows a group of Upper Eastside NY teens who are absolutely gorgeous. They have more money than anyone can imagine..they have all the best things. They wear lingerie and drink martinis. Granted, I went to West Charlotte, but I don't think that this is how most teenagers live. Then, you have 90210, a re-release of the 1990's classic. Once again a parking lot full of ridiculously expensive cars and beautiful kids. But, kids that at 15 are wearing corset-type tops to school. Really?! Is that allowed these days? The girls I know in high school say that they have dress codes and can't even wear a tank top to school.

Now, I know these aren't real. Most of us watch television as an escape from "reality." But I can't help but think that there must be a part of our mind that thinks "this is how it should be" or "if only I had that or looked like that...." The lies we hear from our world and our culture are disturbing as it is, but is it necessary to penetrate at such a young age?

I was thinking back to shows I watched growing up. There was 90210, but I never got into it. Then--the one show I was thinking about that depicted teenagers was "Saved by the Bell." A classic. And this past Saturday we got to watch a re-run. They weren't wearing next to nothing or participating in lewd acts in the parking lot. But, I'm also not sure they were depicting real life either. You definitely have your "cool kid," "jock," "nerd," "hot girl," etc. But I think high school is about more than where one's locker is or seat in class. (as this episode was about) Nonetheless, it was easy to watch. Kelly wasn't trying to seduce Zach in some skimpy lingerie.

I missed GG this week and will probably opt out of watching 90210 tonight. But- a part of me still wants to see what "they" are watching even though it shocks me still. And hopefully along the way I can have some meaningful conversations with high school girls.