Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Colorado or Bust

At the end of this week Adam and I are packing up the Subaru and heading out west.  We are both excited!! Ultimately we are going because I have an assignment as a Head Leader at Frontier Ranch...one of YL's most amazing camps.  But we are taking a week to drive out there and backpack/camp/explore and whatever else comes our way.  It does feel a bit stressful to pack for 5 weeks and for two different kinds of trips.  

In addition I've been packing up my desk/office because when I come back my boss and I will have new office space (eventually).   

So, this week definitely feels crazy, but I am excited about what is coming up!!!  Now that I've figured out Picasa we will be posting some of our pics.  Plus we got a sweet new camera!! So, get excited!!!

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