Sunday, January 2, 2011


Two Thousand Ten. What a year it has been. I've been thinking about this post all week. Each year I have no idea where I'll be in a year and am amazed at all that God has brought us through. It's also crazy to think about this time last year and the fact that I had no idea I would be where I am today. I totally trust Jeremiah 29:11 when God says "For I know the plans I have for you. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you." I totally trust God and what He is doing in our lives. I am thankful for this year. I do think I'm in a place to say that. And it's also been a really tough year, at times maybe even a little shitty. However, I have so much to be thankful for and so much to look forward to. I wanted to do a sort of "year-end retrospection" so here it goes.

We celebrated a new year with our sweet little lady. I went back to work full-time after having Charis. Charis was changing and smiling a ton. We went on lots of walks too.

Charis was drinking from a bottle more. We watched the Saints win the Super Bowl. Charis saw her first snow and was adorable in her "snow" outfit. Charis was spending more time on her tummy and exploring things around her. We celebrated Adam's birthday and I successfully made a strawberry cake for him.

Charis came to work with me some...she was so good. We had another snow. We spent more time outside. We went to some CCDS sporting events where Charis is totally loved by my high school friends.

We went to Charleston with Chaille to cheer her on for her 10K. Charis celebrated her first Easter. We went to the park with our friend Nora Fern and had fun playing with her. Charis began sitting up.

We went to The Farm in Tennessee for a Doula workshop (Charis' first long road trip and did AWESOME). We started our summer CSA which gave us yummy farm fresh veggies every week. Charis and I went to the beach with some YL was her first time at the ocean. Charis had her first taste of real food this month...Avocado. And she loved it. I celebrated my first Mother's Day. I helped my friends for a good cause (Cookies for Kids Cancer) at Taylor's Finish Line Festival (to celebrate the end of Taylor Gibbs' fight with Leukemia).

This is the month that has changed our lives...I was diagnosed with stage III Breast Cancer. I started chemo. Charis was baptized at our church, Hope Community. We took a road trip to NOLA for my friend, Laura's, wedding. It was Charis' first trip there and she did amazing on the road. Adam celebrated his first Father's Day. I had to go to working part-time.

I shaved my head. Although it was for an unfortunate reason, it was something fun to do. The summer was full of activity for Charis...sitting up, crawling, swimming and trying lots of new foods. My friend, Bonnie, came to stay with us for a week.

We took our first family vacation to the beach and it was wonderful. Our good friends, the Bergerons, came to visit.

We went for a hike at Crowder's that totally kicked my butt. The view from the top and spending the day outside with my family was so worth it. My friend, Laura, came to spend a whole week with us. We spent an afternoon at an Apple Orchard. Charis loved chomping on apples and riding around in the wagon. Charis started daycare...3 days a week so I can work.

So many of my friends woke up super early on a Saturday morning to walk the Race for the Cure with me. Being a part of this was incredible and joyous. I finished chemo! My sister had her twin girls. I got to spend a weekend in the mountains with lots of fun ladies from my church. We got to see the Indigo Girls, who I totally love.

Charis turned 1 and had the funnest party ever. We got a visit from Pawpaw, Mawmaw and Auntie Sara. I turned 32. I had surgery--my double mastectomy. Nonni came to stay with us for 3 weeks to take care of us while I recovered. We had a fantastic Thanksgiving and got to celebrate with all my siblings.

We took a little family vacation to Blowing Rock which was the best time ever. Charis got her picture taken with Santa. We also got to spend a couple days at Windy Gap in the snow. Charis and I had our fun annual cookie party with some CCDS girls that are now in college. We had a white Christmas night and took a walk in the snow the next day.

The list turned out to be highlights or things I remember most from each month, and lets be honest, just a bunch of pictures. As I thought about Charis I realized this year was full of firsts and to me that feels like such a sweet gift. We have experienced a tremendous about of pain and joy this past year. I have no idea what 2011 holds but I am looking forward to a few things...being cancer free and having my body restored to some sort of "normal", celebrating 5 years of marriage, another year seeing Charis' wonder grow, a post-cancer vacation, Adam finishing his Thesis and so much more. I look ahead with hope.


nicolefiehler said...

love this post...and have loved journeying through this year with you. here's to 2011!

Anonymous said...

You have such a wonderful attitude...loved your post, you're a positive testament to all women...especially those with breast cancer or recovering from breast cancer! You're a tremendous role model for me on so many levels! God's blessing for you, your family and friends in 2011!

taryn said...

awww...smooch! that is exactly what you would look like too, if i tried to kiss you right smack on the mouth.