Tuesday, December 27, 2011

long overdue

i have been meaning to post some of these pictures for a while now. this past july we celebrated our 5th anniversary. i was contacted by our sweet wedding photographer via facebook about doing an anniversary photo shoot with Charis at the location of our wedding. his name is Joe Deese. i first met him at my friend, nicole's wedding. not that we got married so long ago but we missed the whole digital photography bandwagon. he did strictly film. and i really liked him so we had him shoot our wedding. five years later he has switched to digital and gave us a ton of pictures from our anniversary shoot. it was fun to be back at Independence Park with our daughter. we are in a very unique place 5 years later and i was so thankful that he wanted to capture this time for us. there really are so many pictures but here are a few of my favorites from Joe.

literally the last picture

yes, we let her play in the water

i love this cause she is most cuddly with dollie

sweet kisses

i LOVE this b/c of her giggly face

a pretty good family shot

this is so sweet..a girl and her dollie

i was really excited about these pictures but once i got them i was a bit disappointed because i don't like the way i photograph anymore. (nothing to do with Joe) i mean, it's not like i was a model to begin with or anything. but not only are there more imperfections these days, i can really see them in pictures. and sometimes that's hard. but i also want to document as much of this time as possible. so, of course, in the end i love these. i love that he was generous enough to do this for us on our anniversary. and it was fun to be in the place we took vows and made promises to each other about "for better and worse, sickness and health." those really matter right now. and we have this amazing little girl to live life with and that's pretty awesome.


Anonymous said...

You really are your own worst critic-the only thing the rest of us see is your beauty, your strength and your wonderful family!

Chrisann said...


nancy said...

Are there imperfections? I sure didn't see any. I see a beautiful family with love all around. These are some of the best pictures of Charis. Amy, you are beautiful from head to toes (ok, not the prettiest toes) and inside out!! I love this little family who are on one huge incredible journey!

Anonymous said...

Amy, I'm sure you've heard about this already, but I wanted to leave a link to a program I read about this week. I think you look beautiful but I understand how this entire process could shake your sense of security and level of comfort. Thanks for posting!