Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Amy's Bday Blood Drive

The 8th of November would be Amy's 35th birthday. As I look back on both my time with and without Amy, I'm amazed at how boldly she used those 34 years of life she had here. So, in honor of Amy, I want to encourage you to boldly part with a pint of your blood on her 35th birthday

Join us November 9th from 12-4, at Hope Community Church on Scaleybark Rd. The Community Blood Center of the Carolinas will be there. Roots Farm Food truck will be there. We'll have a bounce house for the kiddos and other fun things. Everyone and anyone is welcome.  

And all the blood donated will stay local. It will be helping neighbors in our community who may be suffering from other health issues that require them to receive blood. They can make chemo and they can make pain pills: they just can't make blood.* So let's give them some of ours.    

Check out the flyer and get in touch with me if you have any questions:

* I actually didn't fact check that. They may be able to synthesize blood by now. But I still think they need real blood. 

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