Tuesday, February 10, 2009


i absolutely love swimming. i grew up swimming and have the most incredible memories of swim meets. swim practices, not so much, but i loved the meets. and i was actually pretty darn good. i think if i could go back and change something, i'd go back to swimming. with the craziness (and awkwardness) of junior high, i quit swimming year around. sometimes that makes me sad.
getting back in the pool totally does something to me. it's the one (probably only) sport that i can do. it's as if i was made for the water.
here are some fun pics from the "glory days."

me when I swam in Charleston. that's me, not a boy, in case you were wondering.
me and my sis at a swim meet. pretty stinkin' cute, huh?

my sis, and old swim buddy and me at the pool...every day during the summer!

most people have hobbies or crafts or other gifts. swimming is mine. i don't get in the pool enough, but i have to say that the 30 minutes i spend in it take me to a simpler time. it reminds me of my childhood and the fun that we had traveling around south & north carolina going to swim meets, eating carbs, hanging out in sweats, and cooking meals in hotel rooms. gosh--it was fun. can you believe that going to the aquatic center uptown once in a while totally does this to me?!

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Anonymous said...

Oh what memories...I think of them so often. Everything you mentioned....except for "GO AMY". You also didn't say that you were NUMBER ONE in the state of SC in the Backstroke and Individual Medley. At 10 years old your eyes were on the Olympics. That was a dream of yours. The moment you got in the water at age 7 you swam without one lesson and you won almost every thing you swam. What fun we had. I love those memories too. Julie always at the end of the lane cheering the other swimmers. I love you...MOM