Thursday, February 19, 2009

i'm at a loss

i'm not a writer and i don't claim to be. so, anyway, i haven't really been inspired with this blog lately. i often struggle with what is appropriate to blog about and what really is worth reading on a blog. i've just decided not to write anything. but, there have been a few things that come to mind during my day. here goes:
1) you should always take your shopping cart back to the store or to one of those shopping cart storage places. it drives me absolutely mad to see them scattered throughout the parking lot or halfway up on a curb. urgh!! so recently i was at Costco and this old man drops his cart off on the curb (the half-way deal) and all of a sudden this other man starts yelling at him to come back and get his cart and take it to the storage thing (what are those called?). so, he did. and i was amazed! i loved that this guy was willing to tell a stranger to take his cart to the appropriate place. not me, i just stew over it and get annoyed with people.

2) i love Amazing Race!! i was so excited for the new season. and i'm in a pool with other fans which is so year we won first place and got $75. i'm hoping for that again. but, watch it b/c it's such a fun adventure!! adam and i would love to go on the race...wouldn't y'all love to see the Patwa Team on it?!

3) it "defensive driving" or "aggressive driving"? i get so annoyed when people can't drive...which is often!!!!!

4) Dark Chocolate Peppermint Jo-Jo's from Trader Joe's. Let the pictures speak.

I usually think of random stuff (or soapboxes) that I think are worth sharing as I'm driving. By the time I get to the computer, it seems silly. I will have stuff to blog about a trip to San Francisco with Adam!!!! stay tuned for those goodies!!


Anonymous said...

First of all, I absolutely love your blog. I know you have gobs of wonderful friends but it's like you're just talking to me. I'm sure they feel the same way. You're a great writed. GREAT. You should right a book. I'd read it. Now about the grocery carts, I've always felt the same way...but instead of saying anything, I take the cart to the store or to the cart storage place, whatever it's called. I find that if I do something positive about something that annoys me, then I feel so much better about it. I'm blessed that my life is not rush rush rush as it once was. I was never a rude driver, letting people go in front of me, etc. Now I'm even much calmer. It's nice to be important but more important to be nice. Bryan Williams on Nightly News at the end of the show, shows emails and some video's from all over about how people have been helping one another through this depressing crisis. Such as, paying tolls for the car behind you, passing an envelope with $50 in it down the grocery line with a note on the front.."take this if you need help with your groceries". Some people added more money and passed it on. I'm looking for ways to be king to everyone I meet. I love the Baggu Bags and ordered a bunch for Joyce. I will probably give some for gifts. They are great. Thanks for the idea. I'm using cupons like crazy and saved $45 on groceries yesterday. I've stopped using paper towels,(I have a stash of old wash cloths under the sink to wipe the counter when I would have used a paper towel). I bought a stash of cloth napkins when you and Julie and I went thrift store shopping so no more paper napkins. Love you Amy and Adam and I can't wait to hear about California!!

Anonymous said...

I meant KIND to everyone I meet, not king...duh
P.S. Even though I wrote my password down, I can never get it to work on this, so I'm Anonymous MOM

Anonymous said...

I need to preview.. You're a great WRITER and you should WRITE a book. Typo from the first comment.