Thursday, April 16, 2009

Private School

This is what I was thinking about at 4 this morning and just wanted to share some of my experience of being a Young Life leader these past (almost) 3 years at Charlotte Country Day.
Yesterday I was asked if I would want to switch schools and I was mortified. For all the stuff I say about doing ministry at CCDS, I absolutely love it. Granted, it's far from my roots at Marie G. Davis, McClintock Jr. High, and West Charlotte, but it's where God has called me and I couldn't imagine any place else.
Private School is a unique animal, especially when it comes to Young Life. Our ministry there just looks different. We no longer do CLUB b/c it wasn't a tool that was working (i.e kids didn't show up and what is YL Club without high school kids...duh), we only meet one night a week b/c of their grueling schedule, we aren't allowed on campus during school hours, and how do you communicate with people that have everything that they are missing out b/c they don't have Jesus?
In the past 3 years it's taken time to make friendships with girls, but I feel this year has been a turning point. I'm loving them and I think they like me. I hope. I have been able to go deeper with some junior girls on Friday mornings and I've been meeting with another girl every Tuesday morning. I think Caribou is wondering what I do. Plus, I lead with some really great leaders. I absolutely love my co-leaders. We've really become a community and a family, and I know that it will impact kids by the way we love each other.
There isn't any mind-blowing things happening, per say, but I know that the Lord is at work. Not only at CCDS and in the hearts of my high school friends, but in me. And for that I am so thankful.
Enjoy some pics from Windy Gap and stuff.

beginning of the year kick-off

some pretty ladies at Windy Gap

i love these, Mary Ashley & Michelle with the girls

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