Wednesday, July 1, 2009

my girls and their amy

When I was 13 I moved with my mom, sister & brother into a house in a neighborhood in Cotswold area. It was the turbulent 9th grade...jr. high sucked and my parents were recently separated. We moved next door to this family with 2 beautiful & adorable little girls. I spent the first couple months stalking them...not in that creepy way, but in that I'm 13 (almost 14) and have no life so I babysit all the time kind of way. You know.
Me & the girls at Carowinds...probably 12 or so years ago.
Anyway, early that spring it snowed and I finally got the nerve to go out and meet them. McKendree was 3 and a half and Barret had just turned 1. We played in the snow and I fell in love with this family. I started babysitting for them right away and often. They became my family away from my family. I went to the beach with them and other families for about 4 years and spent every New Year's Eve babysitting them. As I got to see these wonderful girls grow up, they got to see me grow up. Burley and Nancy loved me like their own daughter. And they always called me "my Amy." I love this family.

me & the girls with Isaiah at a gra
duation party for me in 2001.
In 2005 Burley was tragically killed in a traffic accident. I was heart-broken...not only b/c I felt the loss myself, but b/c this family lost a huge part of them. I can't say enough good things about Burley...he was an amazing husband and an incredible father. It's been a new journey to walk through with "my girls" as now they are older (20 & 17) and dealing with major life issues..including the loss of their dad.
About 2 weeks ago Nancy got remarried. She found love again and for that I am so grateful. I can't imagine the hope that brings to her. I got the privilege of being there celebrate with them and read some poetry at the wedding. Remarriage is bittersweet, and all I want is for Nancy to be happy and for my girls to be happy.
Nancy & her new husband, Mike, exchanging their vows.
I love these girls. I want them to know that God loves them deeply and I pray that in the midst of this journey they experience His healing and His love.

Barrett, me & McKendree @ their mom's wedding (aren't they beautiful!?)


Anonymous said...

Amy...what a great memory you...we have of the Days.. I can't believe how much Barrett looks like Nancy. They are so grown up and beautiful and so so blessed to have you in their life. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and love for this family. I know how very special they all are and how they were there for you when you were going through that very very tough time. I love you, Adam and that precious little girl growing inside you...MOM

jen hunt said...

reason #452 why i love you