Friday, July 31, 2009

last day

As I drove into work today, I realized that it was my last time making the drive from University area to Cotswold, where my office is. How exciting!!
For the past 2 years we've gotten to live right by UNCC at a discounted rate while Adam was in school. He's been able to walk to class and meetings. It's really been a gift to us. But is the only transition word I can think to use, yet it implies negativity. Oh well. But, our time there is over. No more frat parties. No more close quarters. No more steps. No more pool. No more apartment living (for now). No more taking our recycling to Reedy Creek park. We are moving "in town" as I like to say. And we are both so excited. It's going to be great (& more grown up feeling) to be in a house. It's going to be HUGE to be close to church, my work, and friends. It's going to be great to take walks in a neighborhood instead of a campus. It's going to be fun to be so close to places like Sir Ed's and Ben & Jerry's. Mostly, it's going to be fun (& a little strange at first) to have a nursery. We were fortunate to find a rental with enough rooms to have a separate "study" for Adam and a nursery for baby girl patwa. And I'm thankful for that.
I know this seems dramatic. It kinda is.
We hope to have people over come anytime!!

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