Sunday, August 30, 2009

inspired yumminess

so, around late spring/early summer i decided i would try to make it to one movie a week. we were doing pretty good on this, especially since movies (after their first 2 weeks) at AMC are only 5 BUCKS on weeknights. in the beginning we saw a slew of movies...i can't even remember. but, now it's gotten tricky b/c there isn't much out (playing at AMC) that we are interested in seeing and we have to wait 2 weeks to pay only $5 or use these passes we have. anyway...

a couple weeks ago we saw Julie & Julia. we loved it. meryl streep is amazing and we just fell in love with julia child. well, all i wanted to do afterwards was EAT. i was so inspired. no, this is not turning into a julie-type blog where i cook my way through julia child's cookbook. at one point julie had made this bruschetta that looked amazing. i love bruschetta. as they ate it, adam and i both commented on how good it looked. so, later that week i headed to the Tailgate Market for some farm fresh tomatoes, basil and garlic. i used ciabatta bread and lightly browned it in a pan with olive oil. then i topped the yummy goodness on top and ta-da!! i mean--it was really amazing. I know it's not good to brag about yourself, but for real. All you have to do is mix together chopped tomotates, garlic & basil (a bit of s&p too). let sit in fridge for a couple house to marinate. heat olive oil in skillet and lightly brown/toast slices of ciabatta bread. spoon topping onto slice and enjoy.

the finished product (pictures just don't do it justice)

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