Friday, August 21, 2009

Lagniape for us

This post is mostly b/c it's time for a new one and because I can.
Shortly after we moved into our new house and got our cable hooked up, Adam and I discovered a little lagniape (a little something extra). By cable I do mean channels 2 to 13 for about $12 a month. we were channel surfing we discovered something was showing on channel 7...usually it was fuzz b/c channel 7 is HBO. But this time is wasn't fuzzy, it was crystal clear. Could this be? Yes, it's true, in addition to ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, the CW and those others we have HBO. And we both are a little obsessed with it...I've watched movies over and over just b/c I can (HULK and a Jason Bourne to name a couple). And...we've just gotten into True Blood, the Vampire serious. I have to admit it's a bit sketch and it goes beyond my affinity towards vampires (thanks to Lost Boys).
Thank you TimeWarner for our nice little gift.


Rebecca said...

Jealous! I want to come watch Flight of the Conchords

jen hunt said...

MIssing you...xo