Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Year of Surprises

It has been a year of surprises for me...and by year I mean the one that started November 8th, 2008 when I turned 30.
I started the year with a surprise birthday party (amazingly pulled off by my husband, sister, and best friend). It was absolutely amazing and the best surprise ever. Since I was turning 30 I wanted to be celebrated big time...and I was. Then in March we took our first trip to California where I was surprised to find out how much I love it (northern Cali that is). Driving along the Pacific Ocean had to be the best. But, the surprise came on March 15th after our trip when we found out I was pregnant. Yes...SURPRISE!! What an amazing journey that has been so far...I have come to love this little life growing inside of me. When we found out she is a girl, I was surprised to realize that I was excited about that. I always saw myself with boys...mainly b/c when it comes to bows and monograms and all that girly stuff, I'm at a loss. Plus, we girls can be mean. But, I was excited and that was a big surprise. Last week I got another surprise when I took a quick trip with about 14 other YL staff women to the beach. I am technically the Regional Womens Coordinator or something like that, so it is part of my job to care for the women on staff and to give them a voice in the greater mission of YL. I actually love this part (surprise). Anyway...these women, some of whom I just met, through me a surprise baby shower while we were at the beach. It was such a sweet surprise. They really got me! I got our stroller and they spent a few minutes sharing things they appreciated about their parents and even things about me, then they prayed for us. It was simply wonderful.

walking into the room--shock!

the ladies "surprising" me!

i mean--who knew a stroller would be so exciting!!

So, here I am, 7 weeks away from becoming a mom. Yes, I'm excited. But I am also freaked out. I know that I'm in for some more surprises (especially since the "year" isn't up yet).

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nicolefiehler said...

SO FUN! Can't wait to celebrate with you next week! You look beautiful mama!