Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring Fling

I absolutely love spring. Adam hears me talk about how much I love it all the time. I love the weather, the blooming of new life, the parallel of the season to Christ's resurrection, the sunshine, being outside, long days, Easter, skirts, flowers, and everything else that comes along with Spring. Last weekend we were able to spend most of it on our front porch...i mean, carport. We don't have a front or back porch, but we do have a great carport. We sat in our pink adirondack chairs all day Friday & Saturday. It was amazing. Charis loves being outside too. She's constantly observing and looking at the trees, the neighbor's dog, sky, and really anything else. I've been looking forward to warm weather so Charis can hang out in her diaper b/c I just think babies in diapers are so cute. We are looking forward to a season of cooking out (on our new grill), hanging out on the carport, going for walks, and just being outside and experiencing a new season of life with our sweet little lady. Here are some pics from the amazing weekend.

enjoying the sunshine

so cute in her sun hat

this is Maggie, she loves when Charis visits

19 weeks in the pink adirondack

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