Sunday, July 18, 2010

Restaurant Reviews part 1

Adam and I love to eat. We like to think we are foodies. Not the snobby kind who use truffle oil or salt rocks. But we enjoy food. In fact, eating with Adam is a joy for sure. I know that sounds weird. But he is very systematic in his eating and the way he enjoys food is fun to watch. Anyway. We don't get to eat out much. When we do it's because we were given a gift certificate. I love restaurant gift certificates. After a couple really great meals, I figured it was worth sharing.

Hands down our favorite restaurant is Sir Ed's at Park Road Shopping Center. We like the pub atmosphere, the beer, and the really good food. Some suggestions for you: Jamaican Jerk Chicken Nachos, Tomato Basil Soup, Potato Cakes, the Wedge, Black Bean Burger, and Fish n Chips.

Recently, we've gotten to go on a couple "fancy" dates thanks to some extremely kinds folks. Let me start with our first, Bonterra. This restaurant is located in an old church in the heart of Dilworth. It has a "fine dining" atmosphere, but not a pretentious one. On this particular date we were indulging and therefore not paying attention to the prices. We started out with some "food with wine" which are small plates such as cheeses and olives. We had a delicious Smoked Salmon and Goat cheese spread. I admit I was a little weary of the smoked salmon part, but it was subtle and really yummy. Our next course was an app and salad. This course we chose calamari and their Azalea Salad. These were good, not great, but good. Then the main course. YUM. We got the Ribeye and the Lamb Chops. We don't mess around. Our intention was to share, which we did. The Ribeye was perfectly cooked and came with this flavorful pearl barley. The Lamb came with a divine black pepper gnocchi. These dishes were spectacular. We finished off the meal with dessert, of course. We ordered the Chocolate Sampler, but got the Molten Cake with Mint ice cream. This mint ice cream was bright green and smooth and tasted like a fresh mint leaf. And the decadent molten cake was smooth and creamy. We ended up getting the chocolate sampler too, which was rich. After 3 hours of dining we headed home. We loved Bonterra for it's food and service. We enjoyed not being rushed, but allowed and encouraged to take our time. Often times when you take the chance on a fancy (i.e. expensive) restaurant there is a chance the food won't meet expectations. Our philosophy is that if we are going to pay A LOT (i.e. $30 plus, but really more than $10) for an entree, then it should blow us away. Our food at Bonterra exceeded our expectations. Hopefully we'll get to go back. Maybe Groupon will offer another deal.

This got I'll split up my reviews. Next up: Dressler's

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