Friday, July 2, 2010

Sweet Bee

We seriously have the best baby ever. I know that is so dramatic and every parent thinks this about their babes. But, I'm serious. She's been easy from day one. And now, in light of my cancer diagnosis, it seems like it's all part of God's amazing plan for our family. In the past 2 weeks Charis has had more sitters than she has in her short little 7 and a half months. And it's been such a relief to be able to leave her with anyone and know that she is being taken care of.
Lately she has been such a joy and delight. Walking into her room each morning as she wakes up is pure delight. As I am navigating through life now with cancer, I am so incredibly thankful for this little sweet soul who has brightened my life and my heart in ridiculous ways. I am thankful that I get to just enjoy her and that I don't have to explain why my head is shaved or why I'm tired. In fact, we can generally nap at the same time. Adam and I are truly amazed with our little lady. I'm just so excited to be her mama, to be able to be a mama.
Here is a sweet picture my sweet friend Taryn took of Charis Root and Nora Fern today.

Nora Fern kissin on baby root

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nancy said...

Oh my goodness she has changed in just 3 weeks!! has it been 3 weeks since i have seen her?? way too long! i miss you guys so much!! I know how amazing she are right, you have the best baby ever!! (of course so did I!)