Sunday, March 20, 2011

Restaurant Review--Luna's Living Kitchen

I haven't done a restaurant review in a while. but i recently ate a yummy veggie garden burger from Luna's that i had to share my thoughts on this place. Luna's Living Kitchen is located in southend beside the atherton farmer's market. the place is strictly vegan. since my mom is a vegan i went there for the first time with her. i had their veggie garden burger that comes with a side salad. my mom had the Lunasagna which we don't recommend, unless you are a true vegan and used to eating stuff like that. but the veggie burger is pure flavor deliciousness. the food at Luna's is a work of art. everything is always plated with purpose and care presented to the customer like a piece of art. see..

i have yet to try anything else at Luna's because i like the veggie burger so much. it's like like most veggie burgers out there because this one is more grain (quinoa) based. it is savory and served with fresh avocado on two slices of hearty whole grain bread. the side salad is fresh and yummy too. eating at Luna's makes me feel good because the food is fresh and local. my two favorite things.

i also went to a meeting at Luna's about "preventing breast cancer" last month. i was skepticle because a) i already have breast cancer and b) i'm not sure i can totally prevent cancer and c) i get nervous when people tell me i can do so by what i eat or do. but i have to say that it wasn't so bad. it was a small group of women, led by a life coach, who talked about risk factors both that we can't avoid (genetics, family history, being a woman, hormones, etc) and those we may have some control over (diet, lifestyle, exercise). i was tempted to be overwhelmed but i decided to have some perspective. i'm not willing to cut out dairy b/c i don't think it's the main culperate, for example. but i am willing to exercise more and incorporate more veggies (the really good ones like brocolli and kale) into my diet. for me it can become a slippery slope of playing God. how much do i really have control over? granted there are things i can do, but ultimately God is in control and i do totally trust him. there is a chance i could totally transform my diet and still get cancer. i think all this can be controversal and we all have our thoughts about it. but as someone with cancer it's different.

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nancy said...

the kale salad at Luna's Living kitchen is AWESOME!!!! Their soups are great as well. I love Luna's and look forward to going there every time I'm in Charlotte. So glad you told me about it. I may get brave and try everything on the menu, except of course the Lunasanga since I already tried it. (definately not my favorite... Ok I didn't like it at all!)