Wednesday, March 16, 2011

when life hands you oranges...

make orange juice! duh.

this past sunday we had our Young Life 5K at Charlotte Motor Speedway. It's our 5th year doing it. the main goal is to provide a fund-raising opportunity for YL areas in our region to help kids raise money for summer camp. (this year we had over 600 people and raised over $20,000) if you've ever been to YL summer camp you know it's amazing. we get lots of folks there, mainly because they are associated with YL somehow. then we get some hardcore runners who find something wrong with our race. i mean it's nothing professional. we put it together ourselves. it's unique because it's on the track which is kind of fun. to make it feel more like a race we have Smoothie King come and provide mini smoothies. and we have bagels, oranges and bananas because i think that's what runners want after a race.
it's always hard to know how much food to have. i hate (really hate) wasting or throwing out food. so when we had 2 boxes of cut up oranges leftover on Sunday i decided to take a box. it sat at the bottom of my fridge a couple days. then i decided to pull down the Jack Lelane juicer. after peeling the oranges i proceeded to juice the oranges. while i had the thing on i decided to do some carrots too. mmmmmmmm so yummy.

after peeling the orange quarters

i'd like to drink more smoothies & juice and incorporate more greens into my diet. i think this can just be good for anyone. this particular juicer doesn't juice greens so i'm in the market (i.e. saving) for a Vita Mix. it's a far cry from our little (well more bulky than little) Jack Lelane and it does greens like spinach and kale. to make room (one day) for the new one i'm selling the Jack Lelane. it's been good to us when we've used it. i mean, i just had a refreshing glass of fresh orange and carrot juice. yummy!

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Sus said...

I wish you could make bagel juice from all the bagels we had left over!!