Wednesday, October 15, 2008

things i REALLY like

i'm in a bit of a reflective mood and wanted to share some things i'm REALLY liking right now. granted, there may be things i REALLY like, and even love, not on this list. it's spontaneous (and in no particular order).

...Chic-fil-A corporate headquarters: nestled back in a wooded area 10 min from the ATL airport. hiking trails, free lunch (includes CFA sandwiches, icedream with toppings, diet dr. pepper & lemondade anytime), and friendly staff. what a great place to have a training meeting!
...a rental car: it's usually new and an automatic. i love driving a car that's not mine!
...the moon: it never ceases to amaze me that as a turn a corner and catch a glimpse of the moon, i gasp. literally gasp. it's huge, perfect and low.
...dark chocolate: needs no explanation trips: it's rare in Young Life that i go on business trips. but, occasionally. and so my 24 hours in Atlanta has been nice so far. i'm enjoying being in a hotel, driving a rental, eating dinner alone, and learning more (of course)
...fall: i do wish it was cooler, but nothing is better than a fall evening.
...the mountains: adam and i got to spend (his) fall break in an amazing mountain house less than 2 hours from Charlotte. it was amazing and relaxing and extremely peaceful.
...the kite runner: i'm not sure how long ago this book came out, but i remeber it's following. i usually reject anything that becomes instantly popular. and i am aware that i miss out on things b/c of this. however, after seeing the movie first, i knew i just HAD to read this book. it's incredible. i don't have the ability to come up with words to describe it. husband: he got up early to take me to the aiport today. that was kind of him. he's loving, kind, smart, witty, and just so fun to be around. i can't wait to see him when he picks me up from the airport tomorrow.

so, there you have it. my "REALLY like" list for the right now.

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