Saturday, October 25, 2008

happy birthday cole!

I have been an aunt since I was 12. And I am aunt to 2 beautiful nieces and 5 handsome nephews. Last Saturday we celebrated my youngest nephew's 2nd birthday. And since I took a class with Sharon Clark (Smitten Photography) I think I'm some kind of photographer. I must say, though, that I love taking pictures. Here are some pictures of Cole and his big brother, Isaiah, and other friends from his party.

yay! it's my birthday!!
Cole with his uncle Adam and brother, Isaiah
my best friend, Chaille's, boys (Nick, Beck & Jack)
one of his pals, Hayden...very serious
finally, his pal, Landon.

It was definitely a fun day celebrating little Cole's life. The joy of nieces and nephews is you can give them back to their parents. I love mine.

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