Thursday, October 9, 2008

T minus 30

In 30 days I will be 30. Just like that my twenties will be over. I'm not really sure how I'm feeling about the whole thing. My mom was 32 when she had me. I remember when I was 15 and the woman I babysat for was turning thirty...she said to me, "I'm twice your age!" Well, duh, I babysit your kids. Those girls are now 19 and 17. Crazy.
I'm thinking that age is a weird thing. I'm not really sure where I thought I'd be at 30. Of course, when you are 15 thirty seems SO old. But, now that I'm here, it doesn't really seem that old. I sometimes feel younger or at least feel like I act younger (than what I think 30 should act like). "They" are saying that 30 is the new 20. But, I don't want to be 20.
I do feel like our lives can be marked by the decades of our 20's, 30's, 40's and so on. I wonder what my 30's have in store for me? Travel perhaps. Probably kids too. A move. I'm not afraid of turning 30. It just seems weird, like I should have something to show for my 20's. I am thinking that this is going to be my year!! I may spend the next 30 days thinking about what I want my "Year 30" to be and go for it. As my friend CC says, "put yourself out there!"
I am looking forward to 30! And since I love birthdays, I hope it'll be a great one!! (no pressure, huh?) I think I'm going to set some goals for myself this year and live a full life!!

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