Sunday, November 30, 2008

fall cleaning

I love a clean house, but i have to admit; we don't live in one. Adam accumulates a lot of books, printed articles and papers from Grad School. I accumulate a lot of stuff. Period. We have crazy schedules and a small apartment with a lot of stuff. Needless to stay it can be a real craphole. Which gets really old and hard to live in. ugh!
I spent most of this weekend cleaning out and cleaning up. I tried to get rid of stuff b/c I need to and Goodwill needs donations. Gotta start somewhere.
Trader Joe's sells these all-natural Lavender dryer bags that can be used for carpet scents after a few loads in the dryer. So, I sprinkled the Lavender across the cleared carpet. As the vacuum crossed over, the scent filled the air.
As I sit here admiring my work, I'm hoping we can keep it this way and not let it turn into a craphole again.

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