Sunday, November 9, 2008

turning 30

i never thought much about turning 30. until i got here.

i realized a couple months ago that i wanted (needed) to be celebrated on my birthday. i just wanted someone to do something for me. well, my hopes and expectations were blown away. a couple weeks ago adam told me that they (my sister and friend, Chaille) were planning a party for me. in the same conversation he told me that i am hard to WOW. i can't just sit back and let others wow me. i'm not sure why this is. so, i decided at that point i would do just that...sit back and be wowed. i didn't ask questions or push any more. the party was planned for sunday, the 9th at my dad's house in Tega Cay. okay.
once the e-vite was sent, there was absolutely NO talk of my impending celebration. i thought it was a bit strange that NO ONE would say, "hey, i'm excited about your party." or when i asked my friends if they were coming, they'd quickly say yes and that was it. i mentioned this to Chaille...just thought it was weird.
i woke up a 30 year old on saturday morning and was looking forward to hanging out with my husband and whatever he had planned then my party of Sunday. he told me to pack an over-night bag and be ready by 6:30pm. my other instructions were to straighten my hair and wear mascara. watch out!! by 6pm i was looking good!! we go outside to leave and there is a TOWN CAR waiting for us. i've never had a driver before. Lloyd drove us down..oops..uptown. our first stop--check in at the hotel, motel, holiday inn. then back in the car to the restaurant ZINk. adam told me we should have reservations under "patwa." uh- okay. so we are greeted by the hostesses and lead to our table. as we approach the black curtain, i thought, "that's weird, they must separate the restaurant by a curtain. this must be a private section." well--it was private all right. as i enter the "back room" there, standing before me are 30 odd friends and family who yelled "SURPRISE!!" i was beside myself. almost literally. i stood there for what seemed like 10 minutes with my mouth wide open in amazement. cue the tears. i was completely surprised and overwhelmed.
i've been doubting that people loved me. i'm not sure why. lately, i've just needed to know that people want to be my friend; that i am loved just because and for who i am. it's a strange place to be at approaching your 30th birthday. i was so ridiculously loved and celebrated Saturday night at my party...friends i've known for 15 years and some that i've just developed a friendship with recently. they were all there for me; to celebrate my life. it was simply amazing.
i kept wishing i could freeze-frame the whole deal. that as the SURPRISE scene froze, i could walk about the crowd of loved ones and just soak it up.
a few people asked if i had any idea. NOT AT ALL!! my sister kept saying how excited she was for my party...and now i know why. they were telling me about a fake party on Sunday while planning this amazing surprise party on saturday. it was incredible. my husband, my sister and best friend and everyone else really did it...they WOWed me. and i'm so very thankful to and for them. i needed this and they met that need. God really shows up in the lives of my friends and i'm so thankful for that. i love how He knows just what i need.
so, here i am. 30. i think my thirties is going to rock our world. i'm excited for what lies, kids, adventure, growth, friendships, and whatever else God has in store. i'm excited. (i will post some pictures from the night later)

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Kristin said...

Hi Amy I am so glad the party was a success and I am also sorry I missed it. Happy 30th and I'm excited about seeing you on Saturday night. XOXO