Tuesday, January 27, 2009

green goddess

i've never been one for jumping on bandwagons. there is a little bit of a rebellious spirit about me that makes me want to go against the norm. and i've come to realize that i've probably missed out on some things because of this. one thing i've jumped on is the GREEN thing. i've always had a "hippie" spirit of recycling & saving the dolphins, but now there are just more opportunities to take care of what God has given us. i've always loved the outdoors and probably would love to live more minimally. but, i'm also a pack-rat b/c i hate wasting. hate it. i'm learning to let go and give more stuff away. i just wanted to share some of my favorite green products:
- Reusable Grocery Bags are by far the best thing ever!! we no longer have this ridiculous collection of plastic bags growing in a corner of our apartment. i've collect these bags from a few places...WFAE with a donation, Baggu Bags which has a huge variety of colors and even produce bags, and Flip and Tumble which are probably my favorite and the easiest to use b/c they just wrap up in a ball. the most important thing about using these bags is remembering to bring them with you, so stuff them in your car or purse or backpack!
- Bath & Body Products are a great way to not only go green, but to take better care of one's skin. skincare products have a ridiculous amount of chemicals and things that just aren't needed. A few brands that are sure to be paraben and chemical free are Avalon Organics (i love the lavender), Aubrey Organics (great swimmer's shampoo), Earth Science's amazing lavender & tea tree oil deodorant as well as many other products listed at the GreenerPenny site. Another thing i've taken to do recently is make my own perfumes and i love it!! it's simply using natural essential oils (sandlewood, patchouli, lavender, and many more) mixed with filtered water in a mister or with jojoba oil in a dropper.
- Green Resources such as National Geographic's Green Guide, Seventh Generation, and Reusable Bags are just a few of many many online resources for simple ways to go green at home, work, and play.

i don't know about you, but i usually feel like i have to do everything at once...you don't. use cloth napkins instead of paper, use glass storage containers instead of plastic ones, use a REusable water bottle instead of buying plastic ones, recycle trash, clothes and household products, and shop at thrift stores!! Visit Restoring Eden for more information on how we can be good stewards of the beautiful place God has created for each of us to enjoy.
"In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." Genesis 1:1

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