Thursday, January 15, 2009

Locker Rooms

I got the okay from friends to share this. Take this as a warning or perhaps good advice:
DON'T walk around naked in a locker room.

Now, that statement alone may seem like an oxymoron. Clearly, one must be naked at some point in a locker room if the point of the locker room is to change clothes in or even shower. I understand this. I grew up swimming and I remember the older girls in the locker room used to freak me out by the way they freely walked around. Uh, didn't they know there were kids present?! I was always super modest (you can ask my mom) and could change clothes without ever really showing as much as my elbow. Crazy, I know.

Now I work out at the Aquatic Center uptown. Whenever I go in, there is a lady getting ready. I have come to expect her. I understand she doesn't want to blow dry her hair with clothes on b/c it gets hot. But, for the love!! Then, you'll see a cluster of women talking as they change. Ugh, it makes me feel like that awkward 7 year old. Uh, I'm 30!!
Yesterday I walk in from the pool and BAM, hello lady!! And it's just me and her, so I rush to the showers and hope that when I return she's either fully clothed or gone. She was clothed. Then, comes my stealth dressing...So, I'm thinking, "What's wrong with me that I don't like to see naked women in the locker room?" maybe I should rephrase that..."that I feel so uncomfortable with it?" (I know the Dowd Y can be like this too) I find myself thinking, "that's so great she feels that comfortable with herself"--wait! no I don't care how comfortable she is. or "something must be wrong with me that I can't celebrate in the freedom these women have." Maybe. But, when it comes down to it...I do not want to see it. Cause in a locker room (specifically this one) there is no where to go or turn!
So, if you are one of these "likes to walk around in all your glory" kind of ladies, just know that there may be others that are freaking out on the inside. And good for you for feeling the freedom!

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Nancy said...

i just spend 2+ hours reading your blog and it felt like you were sitting right here talking to me. I loved looking into your heart. I miss that. Now I can enjoy it by reading your blog. You are so beautiful, precious, witty, silly, fun, serious, determined, somewhat independent, dedicated, loyal, and confident. I remeber when you were little and so independent. I was proud of you then although you were a little challange for me. When you fought me so hard at age 2 to dress yourself, pick out your own clothes, I finally told you one night before going to bed..."Amy, I"VE decided to let you pick out your own clothes everyday"...I wanted you to think it was MY idea. You took off and ran with it. I am so proud of who you have become. That independence that I saw for so many years, turned to dependence on the Lord. I wanted to feel needed by you, but when I saw your need for the Lord, I was blessed beyond words. In all the sadness you went through, it was turned to joy. I love you so much...words can't express a mothers love. One day you will understand. I love Adam for loving you.