Thursday, January 15, 2009

the problem with blogging

Since we don't have kids it seems like we don't have much to report on. But, we really do! I just teeter on what to blog about without being like, "today we played scrabble." you know? anyway...

If Adam had time, he could probably contribute some pretty amazing pieces to the blog. I'm sure that as a 2nd year grad student, teaching 2 freshmen composition classes, and working on a thesis, he has stuff to share. He's really going to be a great teacher. I watch him prepare for hours for his classes then be so defeated that he isn't ready. It's such a battlefield for him. (and we thought only love was) ha :) I really believe that God has "created him on purpose and for a purpose." This was something our pastor said in a sermon a couple weeks ago and it's stuck with me.
This past weekend we had a Young Life leadership weekend at Windy Gap and my boss shared at club about being in the presence of Christ. I don't spend enough time in His presence. He talked about finding our identity, destiny, & community in the presence of Christ. And it seems like it should go in that order. For Adam to believe that he was made to teach & write (his destiny) he needs to know who he is (identity). Young Life has a new logo & tag line that I'm struggling to adjust to. Be that as it may! (i always want to try to use that) The tagline is this: You were made for this. And that clearly doesn't just apply to YL. I do believe there are so many parts of my job that I was made for, and other parts where God wants to teach & grow me. It's been so fun for me seeing Adam in something he was made for; even when it feels hard and endless at times.
I had no "vision" for this post. I've just been feeling like I'm not good at this blogging thing b/c as Adam would suggest, "I don't really know who my audience is." Except most of you reading this are my friends and know that I'm completely random and would appreciate a little snapshot of my crazy self. So, here you go!

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