Tuesday, May 12, 2009

a little soap box can't do any harm

It's time for a new post. Oftentimes I'll be out and about and think of something I want to share (i.e. soapbox about) and realize that this blog can be that too. So, here it is...
When people ask what my pet peeves are, I can never think of any. Not that I don't get annoyed. I do. And often. But, lately I'll notice things and want to scream. For instance, shopping carts. Oh my goodness, I cannot stand when people cannot return a shopping cart to the store front or those CONVENIENTLY placed "leave shopping carts here" areas. I see them in parking spots, or half-way up on a curb, or on a sidewalk. REALLY?! Is it that hard to walk it 10, maybe 30 feet? NO! If you are one of these people, I'm sorry. But it gets on my nerves. If only I had the nerve to say something. Like one time at Costco an old man yelled out of his car at another old man who was trying to leave his cart half-way up on a curb. It worked. I admire that guy who spoke up. Me. I just get pissed. I'm thankful my parents taught us to return them. As a child we'd fight over who could take the cart back. Oh fun times for the fam.
Another thing are blinkers. I'm pretty sure the car industry didn't put them on our cars just for the hell of it. Why don't people use their blinkers? And, really, it doesn't help if you turn it on right as you turn. Nope, I need some warning. But, to be honest I could probably improve my driving too.
Oh, I got another one. Four-Way stops. Did we all take Drivers' Ed? I think so. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the person to the RIGHT or the first on at the intersection has the right-of-way. Right? Have you ever gotten to a 4-way stop and the other cars are just looking around, or hesitating, or even letting people go in the wrong order? It makes me crazy.

I'm sure there is more..like tipping and other stuff. But, I'll stop right now. So far I feel a little better getting this off my chest. But it also makes me feel like a grumpy old woman. Which I'm not. My soap boxing is playful. I promise. Even things like this I see God using to stretch and grow me...to learn how to love others (even when they get on my nerves). I'm totally sure I get on God's nerves and He really loves me.
(if you learn anything from this, return your carts, use your blinkers and follow the 4-way stop rules) ha!

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Anonymous said...

I agree wholeheartly! I have one that is probably only here in WV. I use my WONDERFUL Baggu Baggs all the time, No matter where I go. The minute I say, "I have my own bags, NO ONE fills them. I really don't mind putting my own groceries in the bag, but it's like no one wants to touch them. And they are so beautiful. All different bright colors. Like I said, it's probably just here. Walmart just stacks things on the top of that movable bag holder and I'm packing like crazy. Oh well, just thought I'd get that off my mind as well.

Here's another one for you. My biggest pet peeve is a negative attitude. When someone sees the glass half empty....or just complains about everything. When that happens, I always find a positive thing to say about the thing that is being complained about. God is stretching me ...big time. So here I am, "mrs positive" and I'm complaining???? WHAT?? I love you my dear AMY...MOM