Saturday, October 3, 2009

Sometimes I forget... loved I am. Don't we all? As if God's love for me isn't enough, He loves me through my husband, my family, some very amazing friends, and with the rolls and kicks of this little girl growing inside me.
I have this amazing friend that has loved me in new and amazing ways...she gets me, even though I am "out there." She has taught me so much about my own heart and pursuing the hearts of others. She makes me excited to have a baby girl b/c of the way she talks about girls and our hearts and how special God makes each of us.
Adam and I got to spend an evening with her and her amazing husband, Chris, as they captured this special time for us through the lenses of their cameras. You should see these two work and set up was so fun to play model for them...even at 33 weeks pregnant. Here is a link to their website so you too can see just how amazing she is with her words and her passion.
Jen Hunt Photography
(i just realized this may be tacky of me to share this, but i don't care...i want everyone to see what my amazing friend is capable of AND i love my pregnant belly too)

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Rebecca said...

Not tacky at all to share; the pictures are sooooooo great! I loved all of them! And yes you are very loved!