Monday, November 16, 2009

the first week

As I sit to write this Charis is nestled close to Adam as they nap on the couch. It is so fun and so sweet to see my snoring (I like to call it heavy breathing) baby napping on her daddy.

in the Moby with daddy
This first week (and a few days) as a new mom has been amazing. The story of my pregnancy and journey has been remarkable. The main message I feel like new moms get is "just wait." In fact, we got it today from a waitress at the Charlotte Cafe. Just wait for what? I assume it's just wait til you are sleep deprived...frustrated...worn out...spent...exhausted, or just wait til they aren't this cute...and talk back. I'm really not sure what I should be "just waiting for." So instead I am soaking up and enjoying these moments. My whole pregnancy I heard about how fast this time goes. I feel like I heard someone say "the days are long but the years are short." This scares me. It makes me sad to my core. I am making a conscious effort to enjoy every single moment with Charis. When I'm nursing, when she's fussing, when she's sleeping, when I change her for the 10th time, when she's screaming, when she's starring up at us...I'm trying to soak up every moment with her now.

just the sweetest sight
I'm sure everyone thinks this, but we do have a great baby. She has weathered lots of visitors, which we love. She is eating great...starting to see that super cute baby double chin. She sleeps like a super star. Really. She's lasting sometimes 6 hours at night. I am so thankful for that sleep. I have yet to learn how to nap during the day while she is napping. But, I think I will start soon. Just a few "firsts" for her...she's slept in her crib for the first time, she's enjoyed her bouncy seat for the first time, she found her thumb for the first (& only) time, and she hung out in her Moby wrap. It's funny how the smallest things become so amazing!

45 seconds of pure bliss!
I'm not lying when I say I'm not exhausted. I may still be on some adrenaline high from last friday. I am thankful for the big and small moments. Sometimes I find myself overwhelmed at how much I love this little lady Charis Root. My love for my husband has grown deeper over these past 10 days. And my love for and awe of our Abba Father has increased. I am humbled. I am so thankful. I am hopeful. I am in awe. I am overjoyed. I am constantly reminded of God's ridiculous love for me.

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Mary Katherine said...

Motherhood is simply the greatest gift. I am so glad you are soaking up every minute. I will tell you my sweet friend to filter out the comments such as "just wait" or turn them into a positive, because every stage is just as amazing as the last in it's own way. Sure, being a parent is one of the most difficult tasks in the world, but the best things in life are never easy. I love you and her!