Sunday, November 1, 2009

a quick break

Tomorrow I officially start my maternity leave from work. I am looking forward to having some time off and a break. Even though that break will include taking care of a new baby and beginning a new journey into parenthood.
I am very fortunate because I love my job. I love that I get to care for other YL staff and hang out with some fun high school kids. It has been easy for me to hand things off in both the office and on my YL team b/c I have some great folks helping me out. But, it also feels a little weird to not be working. I think I'll be okay though. :)
I remember when I told kids that I was pregnant. They have been incredibly excited from the beginning. They have loved me and my belly baby for these past 6 or so months. I have gotten to share with some of them what God has been teaching me in this process and that's been the best part. I love these kids. I want more than anything for them to not only encounter Jesus, but to want to follow Him. My hope for them is to know just how much God loves them and desires to be in relationship with them. I am so thankful God chooses me to be used by Him to reveal Himself to them.

me and my super fun friend, Elizabeth
I have been getting texts and facebook messages lately from girls asking about the baby. I can't believe how excited they are and I can't wait to share this new journey with them. It's going to be so fun watching these girls love on my little girl. In the process, I also get to learn a little bit about teenage girls.

a group of CCDS friends at our shower!

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