Thursday, December 31, 2009

Merry Times

I love Christmas. I love the meaning, I love getting presents, I love the eating, I love the quiet and the chaos, I love stockings and ornaments, I love time with family, I love the traditions. Going into the holiday this season I was struck by how busy we get. It seems like so many people I talked to were just "so busy." This really bothered me. I'm not sure why we run ourselves ragged or put ridiculous pressure on ourselves during a time of year that I think was intended for something else. I think back to a "silent" night over 2000 years ago. Jesus entered our world as a sweet and needy baby in the presence of his parents and some animals. There wasn't a bunch of rushing around or busy-ness. I was fortunate because I'm still on maternity leave and a 6 week old doesn't require much, so the holiday was chill for us. And I like that.

Charis wishes you a Merry Christmas!
Adam and I are trying to figure out what traditions we'd like to have for our family. I absolutely love traditions, so it's fun trying to come up with things we'd like to incorporate for our family. In reality I don't want myself or my family to lose sight of the season. I mean- there is video proof of a 7-year-old Amy counting presents and greedily going through her pile. We all get caught up. I'd just like to intentionally make the effort to come back. Maybe it was the rain or maybe it was having a new baby, but we got to spend a quiet Christmas day together watching When Harry Met Sally and Scrooged, and holding our sweet baby girl or watching her discover her world. It may be cheesy, but she's been our best present. I am thankful God knows what's best for us. I'm thankful He gave us Jesus.
I wasn't good about taking pictures, but here are a few of our sweet little lady.

Charis in her santa dress

spending Christmas watching Charis play

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