Thursday, December 17, 2009

Windy Gap

The first time I went to Windy Gap was the summer after my sophomore year of high school. My parents had gotten divorced and my dad was remarried. I had gone to a different high school than what my junior high fed into b/c those years sucked. Fortunately, I was involved in a church youth group with leaders that loved me, so I wasn't completely lost. I knew a little about Young Life, but as a Christian kid I didn't approve of it. But, the Lord has something in store for me. I found myself on a van to Windy Gap with a group of kids from North Myrtle Beach. It turned out to be the best week of my life and the best thing for me. I learned more about what it meant to follow Christ and more about God's love for me. It was amazing.
Since the summer of 1994 I have been back to Windy Gap many a camper, work crew, leader, and staff. This week our Region went for it's Winter Staff Retreat & Christmas party. We got to take Charis for her first (of many) trip to Windy Gap. And it was a great trip. I am proud that we made it through her first road trip...even if it was just 3 hours away for 3 nights. She did awesome. Plus it was great for me to go and just be with my family and not have to be "on" the whole time. (usually part of my job is to help my boss organize and run this)

the family at the GAP
One of the highlights of our trip was capturing Charis rolling over!! Yes, I admit, I am that new mom that thinks everything her baby does is cute and amazing. You've all been there ladies, so don't judge. Adam is really diligent about giving Charis "tummy time." I mean-really diligent. Last night he had her on the floor of our cabin and she is bobbing her head up & down. I decided to take a picture of it because she is just so cute! After I snap the first picture she proceeds to roll over! And I was able to capture it on film (well digital). It was just so cool. I must say that I'm not ready for our little lady to be doing anything major. After being told a million times that "this time flies" I am trying really hard to soak it all up and enjoy her being a baby. In the meantime I will soak up her little milestones too.
Think of it like a flip book

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Kristin said...

WOW go Charis! That is amazing that she already rolled over. I'm so glad the 3 of you got to go to Windy Gap. What an awesome memory to have and I'm glad to see that you are starting her in YL early. XOXO