Wednesday, January 6, 2010

happy winter

2 months old!!
I can't believe it's already been 2 months with Charis. I'm sure I will say this each month. These past 2 months have been so so great. Charis is such a sweet addition to our family. I'm constantly thankful that God gave us such a sweet surprise. We are loving her more and more each day, it's crazy how it builds and builds. So, here's what she's been up to in her 2 months:
- she is sleeping like crazy. which means she's sleeping through the night. (thank you Charis)
- she talks. well, not really, but she's definitely making more sounds and sometimes in response to us.
- Charis loves tummy time and does a great job holding her head up.
- she's gained some her 2 month check up today she checked in at 11 lbs 15 oz and 23 inches long. not sure what all that really means, except she's a healthy one.
- she has the most intense stare ever. some people think she doesn't blink. but, this stare is so intense. i love it.
- Celebrated her first Christmas and New Year. (and had no idea)
- got to stay home with daddy for a few days while I started back to work. she'll go with me to the office tomorrow.
- as the nurse asked today: is she smiling? yes. is she tracking you with her eyes? yes. is she pushing up on her elbows? yes. check on all the developmental stuff. i guess.

she was ready for the game!
I'm realizing as I'm thinking about things she does, she doesn't really do much, but we love to watch her all the time. From changing her to feeding her to holding her to watching her on her matter what it is. What a really fun 2 months it's been. We are looking forward to the many more months ahead that we get to have with Charis. She's beautiful. She's sweet. She's feisty. She's stubborn. She's delightful. She's the best baby ever. and we love her like crazy.

me and my little lady!

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