Friday, May 7, 2010

Half-Birthday...Charis is 6 months

Yes, I can't believe Charis is already SIX months old. 6 months feels like such a milestone. She's no longer the sweet itty bitty. Now she's a growing lovey who likes kisses from her mommy and daddy. I continue to love watching the way my husband is a daddy to her. He seriously has no shame in the way he sings to her, talks to her, acts silly, or when he's "gonna get the baby." We are having a blast being her mommy and daddy. I'm constantly blown away that this is for real, I'm a mama; and a mama to the most beautiful and sweetest little lady. She is such a delight. I was praying the other day and just feel like even though she was a surprise, she has made our lives and our family better. Plus she is such an easy baby. I feel like God hasn't given us more than we can handle. for now. :)

she just looks scrumptious in this hat
Let's see what she's been up to lately:
- She's a mover! When she's on her tummy (which she loves) she will scoot around to a 180 and 360. I noticed the other day she puts a toy to the side then scoots around to facing it.

cuddling with daddy
- She's sitting up. Officially. She started about 3 weeks ago doing it with a little support. Now we'll prop her up with her toys and she plays along. She also likes to lean over to eat her toes. Adam doesn't think it should count until she can go from laying down to sitting up. :)

she loves her toes sitting like a big girl!
- We had a good check up with the d-r yesterday. She's 14 lbs 6 oz and 25 3/4 inches long. Not that I really get the percentages, she's 25% weight (small, just like her mama), 50% in height, and 50-75% in head circumference (a big brain b/c she's smart like her daddy).

- Baby girl is super curious. She's constantly looking around at things and when we give her something new she loves to explore it. Still loves to be outside looking at the trees and following the sounds.

she loves my water bottle and drinking water
- She has crazy good hearing (seriously like her daddy). If there is ever a sound, her head whips around to its direction, even if it's out of the room she's in.

reading daddy's favorite book
- She ate her first real food. We started with avocado. Adam and I have been looking forward to this day for a while. We sat her in her big high chair and she was digging the food right away. It's like she's been waiting for it. mmmmmmmmm yummy avocado.

fresh avocado! no stranger to a spoon

figuring out how to swallow wanting some more!
- Recently in her bath she sat on the "sit up side" like a big girl while she got bathed. She loves the bath and is super content when she's in it.

- No teeth yet even though anything you give her goes in her mouth. And the moment she's fussy, people say she's teething. Luckily she doesn't need them to eat yet.

is it weird that she likes to watch herself on the camera?
- Something funny happened. As you can tell from the age pictures she's discovered the index card and likes to eat it. Yummy paper. I recently put a new toy in her crib (with the paper tag still attached). When i got her after her nap there was wet paper everywhere. I got a little freaked out thinking of what "could have" happened, but I don't like to live in the "could haves." Anyway, 2 days later her "first solid" poo of paper was discovered. And b/c I'm a good first mom, it's happened again. I had to keep her entertained at work and index cards were the only thing that worked.

eating the paper

I am loving being her mama. Recently I've really been caught off guard by this fact...this is my daughter. It's crazy. And wonderful at the same time. Gosh I have so much to write about what this has done to me, but this post is long enough. Just enjoy the pics of our sweet little lady, Charis Root.


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