Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I heart deals!

I love a good deal. I love when you go to the check out and something rings up even cheaper than you had expected. Oh, that gets me jazzed. I love garage sales and consignment sales. I love sale racks. I love thrift stores. To be honest, it's all I can afford. But I love them anyway.

Recently, I was really wanting an Ergo Baby Carrier. I love our Moby Wrap, but I wanted something a little more convenient. I posted my want on Facebook in hopes to find one. These carriers are like a Subaru, you can't find them used. Even on e-bay they are $50 bucks. (normally, $110). I wanted if free or cheap. Anyway, facebook was not a success. But. Yes, but. I went my Once Upon a Child to look for bibs. I took a chance and checked the carriers, and there hanging on the rack between snuglis was an Ergo Baby Carrier! I think I even said something out loud as I looked around to make sure no one was around, like this was a trick. As I searched for the price tag I see two beautiful numbers..a 1 and an 8. This carrier was for sale for only 18 bucks!! Unbelievable! This was such a great find. I was so stoked to find this $100 plus item (that I really wanted) for less than 20 bucks. Amazing.
I heart good deals.


Kristin said...

thats a really great price! the ergo is worth every penny of $110 so you truly scored! nice job.

nancy said...

smile... you are on candid camera!! i can see you now just looking around after squeeling when you saw the ergo carrier... funny. and you used to get so embarassed when i would question the check out lady at the grocery store for 25 cents... and i bet when you go through the check out line you know EXACTLY how much EVERYTHING cost. (you are your mothers daughter)...and I LOVE IT. I love you!!!