Monday, June 7, 2010

Seven Sweet Months

This is my 100th post! And Charis is 7 months old. She's simply amazing and we are crazy about her. We have been having such a blast with our sweet little lady. It just gets more and more fun. She's like a big girl now, but still a sweet itty bitty. Let's see what she's been up to:

- She's eating like her mama! Homegirl loves her food. She's had avocado, oatmeal with apples and peaches, bananas, carrots, peas, sweet potatoes and black beans. She is a good eater for sure and enjoying trying something new.

- She enjoys her carrier (that i got for cheap at a consignment sale). She even mowed the lawn with daddy recently.

loves to be in her backpack carrier
- She can now spend lots of time sitting up and playing with her toys. she likes her stacking rings toy and really anything else she can put in her mouth.

- She went to the beach for the first time, where her mama put her swimsuit on backwards. She ate lots of sand and loved to suck on the salty straps of her hat.

her suit isn't supposed to be that low in front. :)
- She went to The Farm in Tennessee while her mama attended a Doula Workshop.

babywearing with her daddy!
- She went to her first POPs in the park. Even though it did get rained out, she was up way past her bedtime.

getting ready for POPS
- She got Roseola, which is some viral thing that caused her to have a fever for a few days then a red rash that lasted a day. And she was a little cranky, but she made it through.

playing in the exersaucer
- She's taken a duh on the potty a few times. Her daddy is so good with the whole "EC" thing. Basically, when he sees her grunting, he puts on the potty and she'll finish up. It's pretty cute to watch her chill on her pink potty.

love this face. she usually taps her foot on the toilet
- She got beat up with my water bottle. sad.

if you look closely you can see a cut on her eyelid
- I'm not sure about her stats...2 weeks ago she was a little over 15 pounds. So, she's packing them on and getting nice and cuddly.

We love to "get the baby." When you "get the baby" and kiss her neck, eventually she'll get all giggly. She is sweet and serious and a little cautious. When a new person comes around, she usually checks with us to make sure the person is okay. It's so cute. She's very curious. Whether it's a sound or something she sees, she seems to be "investigating" it. Still loves to be outside and that's where we go when it's fussy time. Her personality is definitely coming out and we love it. She's still super chill. I mean-she does cry, but for the most part she chills.

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Rebecca said...

Love the picture from Pops and absolutely love the backwards swimsuit pic! :)