Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Soul Sista

This is my beautiful friend Laura. She's my soul sister. We can't remember exactly when that title came about, but I think it was when a YL kid asked us if we were soul sisters or something. I first met her when I went to Louisiana for an interview for YL in April 2002. We hit it off instantly as she showed me around the interesting city of New Orleans, her home. So when I moved down there later that summer I had an instant friend. It was as if we'd already known each other. It wasn't a friendship of convenience, it was a true heart level refuge kind of friendship for me. On Wednesdays we would meet with our boss then spend the day in the city together, mostly on Magazine street. Those 2 years on staff for me were tough, but also some of the best. Laura and I had so much fun together...going to Angola Prison Rodeo, spending the day in a hot tub as a tropical storm pounded through the city, driving to Austin for Austin City Limits, eating all sorts of yummy food, getting to be with her amazing Cuban family, having sleepovers and talking into the wee hours of the night, dancing at a show, traveling out west together on our DiBias-Garcia Southwestern Tour and just living life together. When I left LA for NC, she was headed to Guatemala where she spent the last 5 1/2 years doing YL ministry down there. I got to visit her there once, which was amazing. We hiked an active volcano, spent a day on a beach, hung out in Antigua, and just spent sweet time together.
One fun thing about Laura is her family...they are a mess, but a beautiful mess. They welcomed me as a second daughter too. I always enjoyed spending time with them. But really spending time with Laura was good for my soul. She is an amazing friend who loves others so well. We share so many similarities that it's like we are sisters, hence, the soul sister.
When I found out that I had cancer and there was a chance I may not get to be at her wedding, I was so so sad. I had to meet this man that has stolen her affections and her heart. I could only imagine how wonderful he must be, but I had to meet him. My doctors were super supportive of us taking this trip to NOLA and I am so thankful we did. We got to celebrate Laura and it was just fun to be with her. We did lots of fun things, but the best time for me was getting to be with her on her wedding day. I went over her house early, maybe too early, but it allowed me to just be with her and be present in the joy of her wedding day. I cannot put into words how beautiful she was that day. She's got this ridiculously silky black hair that laid in ringlets down her back. Her make up was applied which only accentuated her natural beauty. Her smile was real and deep and true and pure. I loved getting to be there with her and her other friends. We had so much fun together. Selfishly, I do wish we could have had a moment to sit and talk about what I'm going through, but it wasn't the right time. I know I'll get that time with her another time. This weekend was about her (and Ryan) and celebrating her.
She's off on her amazing 2 week honeymoon, then she and her new husband are driving out west for his job in California until November, then they are headed to Portland. Just because. We always talk of living in the same town and one day I do hope that can happen. Until then I'll take the phone calls, skype and emails. She is stuck with me for life. Because she is my soul sister.

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nancy said...

you are "soul sisters" because you have the same Father... thanks for letting me feel like I was right there with you watching from a distance. you do that with your words you know... i love you