Tuesday, September 7, 2010

TEN months

I cannot believe our little lady is 10 months old! Right at 9 months we realized that we had a real kid on our hands. Meaning...you know in the beginning all you really need to do is care for the basic needs--sleep, feed, clean. And around 9 months things change; she's mobile and getting into things, watching us and even mimicking behaviors and sounds. It's crazy. I mean she is our daughter. We are responsible for more than just her basic needs, but her emotional and spiritual needs as well. There are still days where I can't believe we have a daughter, much less this incredibly amazing one.

So now at ten months she's up to quite a bit keeping us busy. We are crazy in love with her and enjoying every second with her. The other night we watched an old video of her from maybe 6 or 8 weeks. She's changed so much right before our eyes.

- She is pulling up on anything and everything. Once up she's even able to move from object to object. For a while there she couldn't get down once she pulled up in her crib, luckily that didn't last long.

- She is a babbling baby! Finally saying the "ma ma" sounds. I know it's not mama, but it's nice to hear. Sometimes she even gets a book and babbles at it, as if she's reading. It's pretty funny. The sounds coming from the back seat are music to my ears.

- She's still eating anything and everything, except baby food. She wants the real deal. She's loving bananas, yogurt, peas & mashed potatoes, ravioli, and even a tiny bit of ice cream. I keep waiting for the day when this changes, but I'm enjoying it.

- She's got such a unique attention to detail. I know that doesn't make sense, but she can find the tiniest thing; piece of grass on the floor, a fuzz, or even the way she plays with my fingernails or nose ring as she's drinking her bottle. She's getting good at using her little pincher grasp. She recently discovered my eyebrows and eye lashes (good thing I didn't lose them) and giggles every time she touches them.

- She got to meet and hang out with our friends, Blake & Jaclyn Bergeron and their sweet little girl, Lillian Ruth. They came in for a super quick 24 hour visit just to be with us. They are doctors in Memphis. We met when they were at Davidson when we all did YL together. We loved getting to be with them.

me & jac with our girls

- She's started preschool/daycare. She's doing great and loving it. (I hope)

- We went on our first day hike at Crowder's on Labor Day. First one as a family that is. Charis loves being in the backpack and did awesome. I, on the other hand, thought I was going to die at one point. Seriously, I had this thought of what the heck was I doing out here climbing this steep "mountain" in the middle of chemo! I couldn't turn back because we were so close to the top. We finally made it to the top and it was worth it. Charis fell asleep on the way back down too.

at "King's Pinnacle"

- She's even taking some guided steps. I so haven't been ready for this; the next stage. But, I can't keep her a baby forever, right? So, we take some steps with her little red wagon. I feel like her feet are too tiny to hold her up, but she's doing great and balancing herself.

- She is scrumptious. I don't know her 10 month stats, but she's got some yummy legs and cheeks. And when she scrunches her nose it's simply adorable.

I mean--scrumptious!

- She met one of her 2nd cousins, Keaton, this weekend. It was fun to watch them "play."



nancy said...

She is so wonderfully adorable. so fun that i have been able to be there and see her awesomeness!!! love love love her!!!
That last picture of her looking at Keaton is a hoot! Like..."get your hand off my bum!"

Courtney said...

That bottom picture is so her look, i need to see her soon and her mommy! i think she should join us for yogurt :)