Saturday, October 2, 2010

Team Patwa

Today was the Komen Race for the Cure AND marks 4 months since my Breast Cancer diagnosis. I didn't realize that until later in the day. Which made today even cooler. I got to be surrounded by my closest, bestest, and dearest friends and family today as I walked 3.1 miles to celebrate the women who have gone before me and will come after me in this fight against breast cancer. We set up a tailgate and got to hang out. I got my picture taken with DeAngelo Williams because he asked me. I felt kinda famous and special today. I thought I'd feel sad, but I didn't. I was distracted by the joy of being with others who love me. I was able to see hundreds and thousands of other groups just like us. There was this sweet connection I had with other survivors which was pretty cool. It was also amazing to hear how things have changed for women diagnosed with breast cancer today...the chances of survival are much higher. So, these things work and it's worth supporting organizations like Komen.

I felt very thankful and loved today. My heart was full. I didn't feel afraid of this disease. I still don't know what lies ahead. But what I do know is that God is good. He doesn't change. He has surrounded me with amazing people who love me so well. He has given me a husband willing to be in this with the good and bad. He has given me a sweet little girl that brings utter delight to my life. He gives me hope. He comforts me. He gives me peace. I am thankful.

Here are some pictures from the day. Enjoy

the fam...charis is exhausted

my friend Jac came from Memphis to be with me

my new friend, DeAngelo

my friends from high school...kristen is having her baby Monday!

my sweet friend and team captain, Courtney

my other high school friends! hotness!

2 of my sweet YL girls came! laura from UNC and her sis lindsay

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