Saturday, September 3, 2011

it's POTTY time!

when using "no hands" on the potty, one should wear a helmet

yes, we are officially potty training. as i've shown/mentioned on my blog before we introduced the potty early to charis. because of that i wasn't sure how to make the official switch to real potty training and not just "elimination communication." after talking to a few moms it turns out you just start using big girl undies. which are so cute. which is sketchy to say.

we were going to start earlier in the summer but per her pediatrician's recommendation we decided to wait. that was when i was having surgery and she might be "traumatized" and "regress." since surgery didn't happen we decided to go through with it. plus someone mentioned summer clothes are easier to train in. makes sense. plus i'm not sure how my energy level will be later in the fall/winter. and since she is familiar with her potty we thought she was ready.

the first few days were an adventure. i don't have the patience to stay home and do a lock-down type of training so i decided to go on with normal life. which means using public potties. my other mom friends recommended using the potty before leaving the house and upon arriving to our destination. we've been using a small bjorn potty and one of those small seats that goes on our big potty. she is super comfortable on the small potty. she wasn't crazy about using the big potty. but every time the toilet flushed she made the best face. like "oh!"

on our trip to the beach we decided to leave the small potty and just take the potty seat. she is doing a better "job" at using big potties in public and her potty seat at home. she is also doing a good "job" at telling us when she needs to go. this is sometimes hard because she likes to say "pee pee" a lot and point to her "pee pee" too. sometimes she says, "ewwww poo poo" which is so cute. and true.

i am really proud at how well she is doing. we haven't had many accidents. we are using diapers during nap and bed time. but a few times she's taken her nap in big girl underwear. and she's even been dry in her diaper overnight. i'm not sure when to make that switch completely and i'm not too worried about it. she also does good at the Y, school and when she is with others. she loves to wipe and flush. she's becoming such a big girl. i can't believe it. it seems like potty-training is one step in the direction of her becoming a big girl. i'm excited and sad all at the same time.

she may kill me for this, but it's cuteness

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Chrisann said...

My girls are 24 and 26 - and yet I still remember this time really well!! Best of luck and remember - very few children wear diapers to kindergarten!!