Monday, August 29, 2011

my friend, syd

words are inadequate for sure. today i lost a dear, sweet and amazing friend. i wanted to be her friend the moment i saw her at church. but it took us a few years to finally connect. our friendship was forged on the ride home from our church's women's retreat. we talked about everything; cramming it into our 2-3 hour drive home. there was no turning back. we were friends now. finally.

i found myself hanging out at her house a lot after that. she was so easy to be with. she was bold and beautiful. nothing like the daytime drama. she had such a presence about her. i knew she was in a room without seeing her. she was so uniquely her. i love in Psalm 139 when it talks about God creating us in our mother's womb. and i think about the way He knit her together to be free-spirited, humble, fierce, kind, funky, curious, and His. she would ask questions about everything. she was so not afraid. she, of course, did not meet a stranger. that is something people say about other people and you don't really know what it means. it means that she would and could talk to anybody. she was intrigued by others and their stories. she was open to everyone and wanted to hear their story. she was larger than life. what does this really mean? i've thought a lot about it because it seems to describe her well. i actually looked it up and it means "attracting special attention because of unusual and flamboyant appearance or behavior." she did this...attracted special attention. but, it came from a place of depth and heart. i have never met someone like her. and i don't think i will.

just months after the birth of this new and fabulous friendship my sweet friend was diagnosed with a brain tumor, just weeks after giving birth to her 3rd child, Boone. all of those who love her were devastated. what ensued were 2 1/2 years of joy, sorrow, fear, pain, as well as countless tests, scans, and doctors' visits. there was also the booty loop we volunteered at, the trip to winston salem to get her bike, lots of juicing & blending, and plenty of afternoons hanging out. i am thankful for every second i got to spend with her. she changes people. she changed me. i often longed to lay next to her when she was struggling. in a way i craved to be around her. she was that kind of person. i am one of many that will miss her. she was a kindred spirit to many and i'm thankful that i was one of them. God used her to transform my own heart and to change my relationships.

today she is free of pain. today she walks in glory with a God who, 36 years ago began knitting her together in her sweet mama's womb. today she is not bound by the suffering and physical pain of this tumor. i am sad that she is gone. and i am thankful that she is set free and with her Jesus. my heart is heavy for her husband and 3 sweet babies, as well as her family and friends. this week we will get a chance to remember and celebrate our sweet friend, Sydney Boone Gaylord. and one day i will see her again.

i'm not sure what i'll miss the most about syd. her laugh is one thing.
i love you syd.


Chrisann said...

What a beautiful tribute to your dear friend. Holding all of you close in prayer.

Lindsay Boner said...

what magical and perfect words Amy! every sentence described Syd to a T! she is so thankful for you & your countless love and support. i know she is shining down on you- especially this week! xoxo

Kristin said...

that was simply lovely. perfect. syd is smiling big for all those sweet words amy. lots of love and prayer for you. be strong these next couple of days and celebrate sydney style.

Missy H said...

Amy, we have several friends in common,one being Sydney, but not sure if you know me. Just wanted to let you know that I have been following your story and praying for you. I loved what you wrote about Sydney, absolutely perfect.