Thursday, November 3, 2011

my little treat

i am not creative but i wish i was. i love seeing handmade costumes and maybe one day i'll give it a try. but until then i'll buy them on the cheap. so this costume was the best 2 bucks i've ever spent. she wasn't sexy. she was so incredibly cute and scrumpteous. and she caught on fast to taking free candy from strangers with a "trick or treat" and a "thank you." (does anyone else think that is so weird?)

we went to our friend's neighborhood where there was a firetruck led parade, then food then trick-or-treating. charis loved all the kids in costumes, especially a little girl dressed as a spotted dog.

in her car, ready to go!

eating a little snack before hitting the houses

testing out the goods

we tried for a shot of the 4 of us

camden giving charis a high 5

we got back to courtney's house and while her kids dumped their candy to sort their goods charis was more interested in camden's toys. and let's just say she hasn't asked about her candy since then.

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nancy said...

How fun! So glad you got to spend it with Courtney and kids. The very first year I made a clown costume for John's day care (no trick or treating). And I stayed up ALL night, literally, making the costume. Stick to the consignment ones. She looks adorable!!
Love you!! MOM