Wednesday, October 26, 2011

sexy walrus

some people think it's weird that i didn't grow up celebrating halloween. i don't come from some crazy religious fanatic family either. not that those are the only types of families that don't celebrate halloween. but you can imagine most might be. when i was little my church did the whole dress up like an animal for noah's ark deal and that was fun enough. it wasn't until about 4th or 5th grade that i had a real problem with it. and honestly, i just wanted the candy. in 4th grade we were allowed to dress up for school only, which consisted of scrubs my mom got from working as a nurse. not very original. i do, however, remember a girl in my class getting in front of the class telling us she was a hooker. dead serious. see this is why we didn't celebrate it. :) by fall of my 5th grade year we wore our parents down enough to let us go trick-or-treating. i was a's pjs and flannel shirt. they'd let us go but they were not going to spend any money on it. i remember going through our neighborhood collecting candy. and i remember hoarding that candy for weeks and months.

charis is barely 2 and we are planning to take her out. but i have to admit the whole thing is weird to me. so i'm going with a friend and her kids. i just love the idea of dressing up. and right now while charis is little i get to choose her costumes. i am not looking forward to the day when she wants to pick her own and all she will have to choose from is something slutty or sexy. we've all seen those costumes. at some point they go from innocent kid friendly full coverage costume to something mini and revealing. I just read this post from an 11-year old girl that is pretty amazing.

of course this topic is on my mind a and culture. part of it is because of how i'm wired and a lot of it is because of what i'm living through right now. my prayer for charis is that she will look to Jesus and not our culture for her identity. that in my own struggles and brokenness i can point her to her Creator to hear truth.

i'm not sure how this went from halloween to beauty. wait, yes i am. it's just how things go in my head. here is a little preview of my sweet & sassy walrus for monday. i'll let you know how it goes.

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There is always hope that she will want to dress up like Little House on the Prairie characters! ha! :) Love that little walrus!