Tuesday, April 24, 2012


i am by no means a techy or anything close. in fact, i would have rather things stayed the way they were...calling friends and actually talking to them, using a map, printing pictures and stuff like that. but since it hasn't stayed the same, i've chosen to go with the times. which is a reason we joined the iphone craze. it makes going to Duke more fun with words and scramble with friends. it's convenient. although i would say i'm less productive on email. i prefer to email from my laptop. anyway.

the best thing about the iphone is the camera and a sweet little app called instagram. i am obsessed with taking pictures on my phone and transforming them on this app. and i'm sure, no i know, that i'm not even using it to it's full capacity. but that's okay. i love that i can snap pictures of Charis or us or clouds and add some cool feature then share it with the internet world. it's so fun. and i can see other people's pics too. i love it.
here is some of my photos...

who knew feet could look this good?!

a little sleepyhead


first dress-up dress

driving around Bald Head

sweetness on Resurrection Sunday

hanging with the Neuendorfs

enjoying some milkshake from Cowfish. YUM!

hunting eggs

silly faces with Julian

So you see, you can do just about anything. i mean, i love being able to take lots of pics and doing something fun and then sharing them. it can definitely get overboard. but, who cares!! it's fun. and makes me happy.

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Chrisann said...

Love it! I'm with you -- let's grab hold of the technology and just enjoy it! Great pics.