Tuesday, September 30, 2008

washer & dryer

So...sometime in the spring we finally got a washer & dryer for FREE. That ended my dragging all our dirty laundry (literally) to my sister's every Tuesday. And for about 3 or so months we did our laundry freely whenever we wanted or needed...it was pure bliss.

Until the week or so after our return from Colorado when our dryer ran all night blowing only cool air. I didn't want to believe the possibility that it could be broken, so I kept using it. Only for a day..I'm not an idiot.

Luckily my sister lives nearby and the following Tuesday I took our clothes. And something completely and utterly unbelievable happened...my sister's dryer broke. In my care (use). She had to buy a new one. Freak accident, right?

That was a few weeks ago...after our dirty clothes have been piled up I decided to bring it tonight. On my 3rd load something wrapped around the spinner thing in the washer and jammed it. It doesn't spin/move. Not to mention's my sister's parting words to me earlier today were, "don't break anything." Are you serious?! Is this even possible?

Tomorrow a repair person will come to her house and I'm really hoping (and pleading with God) that it can be fixed...not only so I have a place to do our laundry, but so that I don't have to help my sister buy a new washer. UGH!!

moral? we need a new dryer!

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