Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Buckle Up for Safety!!

I first saw these seatbelt bags when I worked at Starbucks in college and loved them. So cool!! A purse made out of seatbelts!? amazing!
It wasn't until my first Christmas with Adam that I would ever get one...he gave me a small red seatbelt purse and i loved it. And, since it's made out of seatbelts it's virtually indestructible. Which is just what I need.
So, over the years I've kept my eyes out, but they are pretty pricey. I will be saving for the diaper bag one day for sure! anyway...
since we've been in Louisiana for a few days, I have been able to do some of my favorite things and have lots of pics and blog posts coming soon. We were in New Orleans yesterday doing one of my favorite things...Magazine Street. park, shop, drive, park, shop, have a drink, shop, drive, park...you get it. It's full of funky places and people...i love it. So, we're in Buffalo Exchange (a great consignment/thrift store that needs to come to Charlotte) and i'm checking out the purses thinking we could get one for his sister. then, out of the corner of my eye is a BEAUTIFUL BLUE (PEACOCK COLOR) SEATBELT BAG!! i literaly gasped. and it was only 25 dolloars!!! merry Christmas to me!!
check them out at www.seatbeltbags.com (i got the mini-messenger)

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