Sunday, December 28, 2008

pray for my friend, Sydney

The only pic I was able to get of Syd, as she held her new baby boy.
I am not sure how many actually read our blog, but I figured I would do a quick post asking for prayers for my dear friend, Sydney.
My beautiful Sydney was diagnosed with a brain tumor yesterday. She is 32 and just had her 3rd baby (Boone) on Dec. 1st. After suffering a bad headache, she went to the ER then had an MRI where doctors discovered a large tumor in her left frontal lobe. She has great doctors at Duke. But, more than that she serves and loves an Amazing God who loves Sydney more than any of us. I have been deeply saddened and shocked by this news, but so thankful that God is drawing us all closer to Him. Please pray for peace, comfort, healing, and provision.

I have wanted to be friends with Sydney for as long as I've been going to Hope (our church). There was just something about her I had to know. We briefly talked at church randomly, but never hung out. Then, this September we ran into each other at Carolina Smoothies and talked each other into going to our church's women's retreat later in the fall with plans to ride home together. And that is where it started; on the drive back to Charlotte from Montreat we discovered a new and exciting friendship. Sydney is one of those ladies who has a ton of friends and is surrounded by people who love her. She's unique, and beautiful and her own person. She's funky, real, honest, safe and loves with her giant heart. In these past couple months we've spent lots of time together. We share our love for Jesus, but also our love for the non traditional and thrift stores. When I'm at her house hanging out with her and her amazingly beautiful kids, I never want to leave. I feel so safe and wanted.

We were supposed to play next week. Instead I await news about her possible biopsy on Wednesday. Tonight we had a prayer meeting at our church for Todd & Sydney and the kids. It was beautiful to be a part of a community of people who love Jesus and love this family. And I believe with all my heart that God is in this; that He will be glorified and He will use it for good.
Here are a few pics I took a couple weeks ago while we were hanging out.

Haven, Boone & Vail

Vail with Boone

Haven and her giant personality!!


nicolefiehler said...

I will pray! Was she by chance at your party...pregnant with two little kids with her? If it's who I'm thinking of, I got to meet her because she handed off your present to me... just curious.

Lindsay Boner said... said it all so right. the perfect words. syd is so lucky to have you as a friend....and i am too! xoxo